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Quoted in The Grove:   Recipe


Shall I give you my recipe for happiness? I find everything useful and nothing indispensable. I find everything wonderful and nothing miraculous. I reverence the body. I avoid first causes like the plague.

~Norman Douglas


Happiness has a simple recipe. Cherish your dearest, welcome your nearest, admire the simplest, honor the littlest, ignore the meaningless.

~Olarewaju Oladipo


The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.

~Anthelme Brillat-Savarin



Recipe For Happiness Khaborovsk Or Anyplace: One grand boulevard with trees with one grand cafe in sun with strong black coffee in very small cups. One not necessarily very beautiful man or woman who loves you. One fine day.

~Lawrence Ferlinghetti




Exercise Prompt for 04/04:   whisper




I can cook really complicated recipes, but it takes a real talent to do the perfect egg.

~Christine Teigen


But for the time being, I’ve only learned one cake recipe and how to make scrambled eggs.

~Eva Herzigova


I’m brilliant at cooking my stepmother’s scrambled egg recipe. The secret is to put eggs, butter, milk, and seasoning together in the saucepan, and to keep stirring with a wooden spoon under a low heat until the preferred consistency is reached.

~Ian Mckellen




A good recipe for a human reducing breakfast is a lot of good things to eat, and three spaniels and two cats to eat with.

~Gladys Taber


British food is a celebration of comfort eating. Our traditional savoury recipes are all about warmth and sustenance, our puddings a roll call of sweet jollity, our cakes are deep and cosy. We appear to be a nation in need of a big, warm hug.

~Nigel Slater




I’d love to say I’m an accomplished cook, but I don’t have any signature dishes. I’m good at breakfast — I make great eggs. My father gave me a little recipe. It’s all in the seasoning. But it’s a Greek secret. I won’t give it away!

~Jennifer Aniston


I love cooking. My Italian mother is a genius cook, and I picked that up from her. I make my own sauce, which takes four hours, from a recipe that’s been refined over many years. I won’t tell anybody what it is.

~Josh Fox




Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good.

~Alice May Brock


Yogurt sauce, as you may have noticed by now, is a regular presence in my recipes – that’s because it has the ability to round up so many flavours and textures like no other component does.

~Yotam Ottolenghi


Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent—all must be tasted.

~Chinese Proverb




Posted from the Grove


Believing that you must do something perfectly is a recipe for stress, and you’ll associate that stress with the task and thus condition yourself to avoid it

~Steve Pavlina


Trying to do it all and expecting that it all can be done exactly right is a recipe for disappointment. Perfection is the enemy.

~Sheryl Sandberg


Mastering one recipe is better than mastering too many. Learn something and own it, and you’ll feel so much better about it. You’ll have more confidence if you’ve made it five times, and that confidence adds so much fun to cooking.

~Tom Douglas


Repetition is the mother of perfection. If there is true perfection, it’s about doing something over and over again. I truly think that if somebody does a recipe they’ve never done before and gets it right, they’re probably more lucky than they are talented.

~Thomas Keller


If you’re doing a recipe on national television, there’s really no room for being sloppy or a nonperfectionist.

~Martha Stewart




Trying to guess what the (mass) audience wants and then trying to satisfy that is usually a bad recipe for getting something good.

~Aaron Sorkin


I always see what’s… wrong. Would you want that? When I see a car or a rocket or spacecraft, I only see what’s wrong. I never see what’s right. It’s not a recipe for happiness.

~Elon Musk


When what you do and care about is aligned with what the market wants and cares about, you’ve created a recipe for career success.

~Lisa Gansky


I was sixty-six years old. I still had to make a living. I looked at my social security check of 105 dollars and decided to use that to try to franchise my chicken recipe. Folks had always liked my chicken.

~Colonel Sanders


The two worst strategic mistakes to make are acting prematurely and letting an opportunity slip; to avoid this, the warrior treats each situation as if it were unique and never resorts to formulae, recipes or other people’s opinions.

~Paulo Coelho




~Tasty:  The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie   (6:12)





We cannot tax the same people we expect to create jobs. That is a recipe for keeping people out of work.

~Martha Roby


The gap between rich and poor is, in fact, widening enormously. This idea of building up the powers of people who are already powerful and keeping everyone else back is a recipe for endless misery and conflict.

~Robert Wyatt


Unequal group rights, the politics of redistribution and a Constitution whose meaning varies with changeable coalitions are a recipe for civil war.

~Paul Craig Roberts


The key ingredient of politics is the idea that all of society’s ills can be cured politically. It’s like a cookbook where the recipe for everything is to fry it. The fruit cocktail is fried.

~P J O’Rourke


Don’t follow a model that doesn’t work. If the recipe sucks, it doesn’t matter how good a cook you are.

~Tim Ferriss




Owning your own home is America’s unique recipe for avoiding revolution and promoting pseudo-equality at the same time.

~Florence King


My own recipe for world peace is a bit of land for everyone.

~Gladys Taber




Americans treat history like a cookbook. Whenever they are uncertain what to do next, they turn to history and look up the proper recipe, invariably designated “the lesson of history.

~Russell Baker


History is not, of course, a cookbook offering pretested recipes. It teaches by analogy, not by maxims. It can illuminate the consequences of actions in comparable situations, yet each generation must discover for itself what situations are in fact comparable.

~Henry A Kissinger




Just because I am a chef doesn’t mean I don’t rely on fast recipes. Indeed, we all have moments when, pressed for time, we’ll use a can of tuna and a tomato for a first course. It’s a question of choosing the right recipes for the rest of the menu.

~Jacques Pepin


When you serve lobster, you’ve taken a being’s life away. Therefore if you create a recipe, you have to be very dedicated to elevate the lobster, to make it good and tasty of course, but at the end of the day it’s a matter of paying homage.

~Eric Ripert




Outside sleep’s open window, between the drops of rain,

history is writing a recipe book for every earthly pain.

~Ani DiFranco







Science means simply the aggregate of all the recipes that are always successful. All the rest is literature.

~Paul Valery


The best sculptor is the one who can most accurately reproduce in marble the image that he sees before him. The good cook follows the recipe. The pharmacist can utilize the many years of training of the most famous doctors from the best medical schools, if he just knows how to follow a prescription. Someone has said that science is just a collection of successful formulas.

~Sterling W Sill


I’m really a scientist. I follow recipes exactly – until I decide not to. And then I’ll follow something else exactly. I may decide I could turn this peach tart into a plum tart, but if I’m following a recipe, I follow it exactly.

~Ina Garten




An algorithm is like a recipe.

~Muhammad Waseem


Computer programming is really a lot like writing a recipe. If you’ve read a recipe, you know what the structure of a recipe is, it’s got some things up at the top that are your ingredients, and below that, the directions for how to deal with those ingredients.

~Larry Wall




I love the idea of cooking, but I don’t like using recipe books, so I’ll put a mish-mash together, and it might be amazing by total accident, or it will be a catastrophe.

~Trinny Woodall


I have no recipe for how to combine things. But you must be sincere. And if you are, strangely, it will succeed.

~Andree Putman


The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.

~Carl Jung




~Omeleto:   Sauce   (15:13)   polyamory and the relationship talk





~Julian Lucas:  For Your Sins   (8:05)   with religious overtones






A cookbook must have recipes, but it shouldn’t be a blueprint. It should be more inspirational; it should be a guide.

~Thomas Keller


Oddly, though, lists are reassuring. We become aware of this if we scrupulously follow a recipe, which is essentially a list of ingredients and actions; but if we give this ‘list’ too much importance, we leave no room for the imagination.

~Jean-Claude Ellena


A recipe is not meant to be followed exactly – it is a canvas on which you can embroider.

~Roger Verge


Recipes are not assembly manuals. Recipes are guides and suggestions for a process that is infinitely nuanced. Recipes are sheet music.

~Michael Ruhlman


I’m going to break one of the rules of the trade here. I’m going to tell you some of the secrets of improvisation. Just remember, it’s always a good idea to follow the directions exactly the first time you try a recipe. But from then on, you’re on your own.

~James Beard


The first time you make something, follow the recipe, then figure out how to tailor it to your own tastes.

~Ruth Reichl


Omit and substitute! That’s how recipes should be written. Please don’t ever get so hung up on published recipes that you forget that you can omit and substitute.

~Jeff Smith






Once you start cooking, one thing leads to another. A new recipe is as exciting as a blind date. A new ingredient, heaven help me, is an intoxicating affair.

~Barbara Kingsolver


In the daylight, order ruled, fences stood, how-do-you-do’s and polite nods were the recipe. But at night, darkness rendered everything still and hush and secret. Minnie was a curator of secrets.

~Kiersten White




The major ingredient of any recipe for fear is the unknown.

~Michael Jackson


Fear has made them sloppy. The world teeters at a precipice. All scared to take a step in case they put a foot into empty air. The instinct of self-preservation. It can destroy a man’s efficiency.

~Joe Abercrombie


The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.

~Julia Child


Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

~Harriet Van Horne


In my food world, there is no fear or guilt, only joy and balance. So no ingredient is ever off-limits. Rather, all of the recipes here follow my Usually-Sometimes-Rarely philosophy. Notice there is no Never.

~Ellie Krieger




~Beauty and the Beast:  Be Our Guest   (4:33)   Disney





~Reniss:  Dans La Sauce (In The Sauce)   (5:25)   African





~Zac Brown Band:  Chicken Fried   (4:55)   country





One of the hard lessons to learn in life is that there are some things you can control and some things you can’t. If you want a short recipe for being frustrated and miserable, this is it: focus on things you can’t control.

~John Bytheway


If there is one recipe for unhappiness it is that: expectations.

~Yasmin Mogahed




One of the things that often frustrates me with cookbooks is that there are one or two recipes that are really good and the rest of them are not so great.

~Alicia Silverstone


I always hated watching cooking shows where the chef would use ingredients that I couldn’t get my hands on, cooking implements that I couldn’t afford, recipes that I could never have access to.

~Adam Richman


A cookbook is only as good as its poorest recipe.

~Julia Child




There is no single recipe for success. But there is one essential ingredient: Passion

~Martha Stewart


The emptiness of your pocket is not a recipe for you to discount the value of your passion!

~Israelmore Ayivor


You have to have passion when you’re finding a recipe for a career. If you love what you are doing, you’ll never work a day in your life.

~Debbi Fields


My personal recipe for success is- Do what you love and don’t look at the clock.

~Ann Landers








Guys wake up at your place and they expect breakfast. They don’t eat bagels and M&M’s in the morning. They want things like toast. I say, ‘I don’t have these recipes.’

~Elayne Boosler


Martha Stewart published her recipe for disaster — mix one part arrogance with two parts incompetence, simmer in the juices and then serve hot in the can.

~Jay Leno


America ships tons of sugar cookies to Denmark and Denmark ships tons of sugar cookies to America. Wouldn’t it be more efficient just to swap recipes?

~Michael Pollan


Trying to look cool and lovely in comedy is a recipe for disaster. You have to let go.

~Lucy Punch


Recipe for a happy marriage: My wife and I always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.

~Red Skelton


The Pigtronix Envelope Phaser pedal is a definite ‘must have’ for your Funk recipe cookbook……it adds definite Funkaliciousness to your WOO stew.

~Bernie Worrell


If pornography releases sexual tension, why don’t we send recipe books to the starving?

~Andrea Dworkin


This recipe is certainly silly. It says to separate two eggs, but it doesn’t say how far to separate them.

~Gracie Allen


Classic Recipe for Roast Beef: 1 large Roast of beef 1 small Roast of beef Take the two roasts and put them in the oven. When the little one burns, the big one is done.

~Gracie Allen


I just clipped 2 articles from a current magazine. One is a diet guaranteed to drop 5 pounds off my body in a weekend. The other is a recipe for a 6 minute pecan pie.

~Erma Bombeck


I kinda expected to turn the bottle and see a recipe. “So that’s how you make ice cubes. Apparently you just freeze this stuff. Oh, but you need a tray. That’s how they trick you into it.”

~Jim Gaffigan


Here is my recipe for a mood enhancer. Take a friend, preferably one with a really annoying fringe and outsize pants, and when she is rambling on, swiftly push her into a ditch and run away.

~Louise Rennison


The key, I would say to any fledgling humorist starting out, is to make sure that sloppiness is part of your recipe. That way they come to expect fumbling and clumsiness and they say, “Oh, it must be a charming part of his personality.”

~Nick Offerman


They say the recipe for Sprite is lemon and lime. I tried to make it at home. There’s more to it than that.

~Mitch Hedberg


If an architect makes a mistake, he grows ivy to cover it. If a doctor makes a mistake, he covers it with soil. If a cook makes a mistake, he covers it with some sauce and says it is a new recipe.

~Paul Bocuse


There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won’t, and that’s a wife who can’t cook and will.

~Robert Frost


A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.

~James Beard


Thanks, it’s my own recipe. I use cheddar cheese instead of water.



Recipe for a long life: Only smoke while awake. Only run when being chased.

~Mark Twain


When you hear bacon cooking….that sizzling sound isn’t the fat cooking….that’s applause.

~Jim Gaffigan


~ ~




© Greg Thweatt




Georgia was a dog, but that’s OK … up here, girl, c’mon up here with me


Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars


~CinematicPop:   (3:50)   distinctive voice, full orchestra/choir backup





~Tribute Cover:   (4:41)   quiet and immense by turn







Winter Lines

© Greg Thweatt



It’s always good to go over the recipe beforehand, so you can easily think of the next thing that needs to be done.

~Guy Fieri


If I had one piece of advice for people – if they are cooking from the Alinea cookbook, the Betty Crocker cookbook or the back of the box – read through the entire recipe first before reaching for any ingredients, and then read again and execute the directions.

~Grant Achatz


Always look for the best ingredients, treat the food you cook with respect, always read the entire recipe first, be organized, and have fun.

~April Bloomfield


A home cook who relies too much on a recipe is sort of like a pilot who reads the plane’s instruction manual while flying.

~Alton Brown




In a few generations you can breed a racehorse. The recipe for making a man like Delacroix is less well known.

~Pierre-Auguste Renoir


It’s just as sure a recipe for failure to have the right idea fifty years too soon as five years too late.

~John R Platt


All cooking is a matter of time. In general, the more time the better.

~John Erskine


The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.

~Calvin Trillin




The recipe for beauty is to have less illusion and more Soul, to retreat from the belief of pain or pleasure in the body into the unchanging calm and glorious freedom of spiritual harmony.

~Mary Baker Eddy


Scratching people where they itch and addressing their ‘felt needs’ is a stratagem of the poor steward of the oracles of God. This was the recipe for success for the false prophets of the Old Testament.

~R C Sproul


Oral history is a recipe for complete misrepresentation because almost no one tells the truth, even when they intend to.

~Niall Ferguson


If you look over a list of medicinal recipes in vogue in the last century, how foolish and useless they are seen to be! And yet we use equally absurd ones with faith today.

~Henry David Thoreau




In cooking, as in all the arts, simplicity is the sign of perfection.



Great cooking favors the prepared hands.

~Jacques Pepin


Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.

~Shirley Conran





@Writers Platform


Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.

~Wolfgang Puck


There is no screenplay-writing recipe that guarantees your cake will rise.

~Robert McKee


As I sit down and start to work, I often panic. I stare at the empty piece of music paper. How can I say that my piece will be ready for performance next January when I do not have a recipe for making it happen?

~Lukas Foss


If there would be a recipe for a poem, these would be the ingredients: word sounds, rhythm, description, feeling, memory, rhyme, and imagination. They can be put together a thousand different ways, a thousand, thousand…more.

~Karla Kuskin


The rules or ‘laws’ of poetry are only tentative devices, an approximate scheme. There is no Sinaitic recipe for poetry, for the individual poem is the norm.

~Louis MacNeice




It may not be the recipe for a life of contentment, but that imperfectability is what makes writing such an engaging endeavor, something you can do for the rest of your life and not get bored.

~Debra Dean


Second novels are bears. As are other people’s expectations for them. I think taking the time you need with the second book is key. Writers spend years and years on their first novels and then are often expected to turn out a second at warp speed, a recipe for failure.

~Jandy Nelson


Creating characters is like throwing together ingredients for a recipe. I take characteristics I like and dislike in real people I know, or know of, and use them to embellish and define characters.

~Cassandra Clare


“It was hidden inside another book. A Valentine one was unlikely to ever open.” Magnus smiled crookedly. “Simple Recipes for Housewives. No one can say your mother didn’t have a sense of humor.”

~Cassandra Clare




Recipe for the upbringing of a poet: ‘As much neurosis as the child can bear.

~W H Auden


I think if you want to make a recipe for making a writer, have them feel a little out of place everywhere, have them be an observer kind of all the time. And that’s a great way to make a writer.

~Lin-Manuel Miranda


Pretend you’re on stage and I’m the best audience you ever had.

~author unknown




Exercise Prompt:   recipe




I’m a bartender. I like recipes. They’re concretes. Was the drink recipe for seduction one shot charm and two shots self-deception, shaken, not stirred?

~Karen Marie Moning


The perfect recipe for a margarita is 2 ounces tequila, 2 ounces fresh lime juice, 1 ounce Cointreau, and a tiny splash of some kind of an agave or orange juice.

~Mario Batali




Success Recipe: 2 cups faith, 2 cups love, 1 cup hard work, 1 cup persistence, 1 tbsp vision and a dash of swagger.

~Jim Rohn


“What do you do to your hair?”

“Dust, hair gel, and a little gun oil.”

“Ever thought of patenting the recipe?”


~Ilona Andrews


I made wine from the lilac tree

Put my heart in its recipe

It makes me see what I want to see

And be what I want to be

~Nina Simone




The Exercise:




The Upside


Your jealousy depresses me

Your alpha vibe suppresses me

Your ravin’ way it stresses me

Your rovin’ eye undresses me

But your recipe impresses me

And I have ingredients

So stop on by




Do Unto Others…


Thus begins the rule we’re taught in school

But there be bronze and silver versions too

Good companions strong additions

Augment the golden first edition

Following then this revision

Ascending order alterations:


Durable Bronze Rule: Do unto others before they do unto you

Applies to gifts as well a swords; one may be used to deflect the other


Sterling Silver Rule: Do unto others as they do unto you

Making the effort on your behalf is an expression of their interest and a compliment; continue doing your best


Weightier Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Those tired of this heavier, more burdensome requirement, sometimes use the conditional word, would, as their finely-argued escape clause. Only the earnest need apply






witches’ brew, a wave of fortitude

a wave of love gave latitude

luck’s recipe for gratitude

thick black coffee next to candied fruit

but yea or nay, today it ends

my dogged, former firm pursuit






Your oceans deep generosity

Fills, builds and mounts

Causes anxiety

Off-center debt, sure recipe

Will frame a wall ‘tween me and thee


To even odds ‘tween thee and me

I too would help, need small victories

Crave the warmth that helping brings

Now burdened with this knowledge brief

That ’tis my absence brings her relief




independence day


you say you want close to me

the recipe is you want to be

nice to me

twice as nice to me

not like ice to me


perfect ruse, unfailing trick to use

to lose me, quickly fry your goose

there’s no excuse for love’s abuse

try me, watch me, light my fuse

burn you, scorn you, turn you loose


top ten list of things to watch

your game wants my attention caught

kindness counts but there’s a catch

doors are open there’ll be no latch

no need for fears where evils hatch




5s & 7s


given: sink or swim

recipe for happiness

skate on just enough




surpassingly bold

surprisingly within reach

live in the moment

learn to inhabit yourself

quarantine platitude fails




If you’re cooking for someone important – whether it’s your boss or a date – never try a new recipe and a new ingredient at the same time.

~Marcus Samuelsson


When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste. ~Laiko Bahrs




Wanting more is just a recipe for heartache.

~Stephen King


Recipe? Recipe? We don’ need no stinkin’ recipe.

~Eli Wallach




Life’s no piece of cake, mind you, but the recipe’s my own to fool with.

~Haruki Murakami


Your own destiny, create your own recipe.





My mother is teaching me Indian recipes. I’ll go to the market, get everything fresh, have a glass of red wine, and just do it. I find it really therapeutic.

~Sendhil Ramamurthy


Oh, I adore to cook. It makes me feel so mindless in a worthwhile way.

~Truman Capote




When I make a recipe for the first time and it’s fabulous, I know I’m in trouble because I don’t know exactly what I did, and I can’t replicate it.

~Diane Mott Davidson


Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don’t think that I can take it, ’cause it took so long to bake it, and I’ll never have that recipe again. Oh, no.

~Richard Harris


I was once married to a woman who could eat anything and tell you what was in it: the most complicated recipes. Her memory of taste – now that’s what I call memory!

~Morton Feldman




I know who in the family is a great cook. I know where the great recipes are.

~Irma S Rombauer


You can say this for ready-mixes — the next generation isn’t going to have any trouble making pies exactly like mother used to make.

~Earl Wilson


There is nothing like a good old recipe. If it has lasted, then it is good.

~Yotam Ottolenghi




If you’re not the one cooking, stay out of the way and compliment the chef.

~Michael Strahan


A chef’s two best friends are salt and praise.

~Terri Guillemets




Instead of staying strong and working through when times are really tough, I usually quit this recipe for failure and start a whole new recipe. So if something is too challenging, I tend to chalk it up as not a good fit, and move on to something else.

~Derek Sivers


A woman’s heart must be of such a size and no larger, else it must be pressed small, like Chinese feet; her happiness is to be made as cakes are, by a fixed recipe.

~George Eliot




I mean to be too rich to lament or to feel anything of the sort. A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.

~Jane Austen


Don’t let the secret recipe die with the inventor.

~Nathan Myhrvold




The first recipe for happiness is: avoid too lengthy meditation on the past.

~Andre Maurois


A mind always employed is always happy. This is the true secret, the grand recipe, for felicity.

~Thomas Jefferson




I carried recipes in my head like maps.

~Joanne Harris


I am my best work – a series of road maps, reports, recipes, doodles, and prayers from the front lines.

~Audre Lorde




Reciting part of a sutra with the desire to benefit others is like reciting a recipe in the hope it will prevent people from starving.

~Bassui Tokusho


You can have some, but not all. Wanting to have it all is a sure recipe for disaster

~Bangambiki Habyarimana


Sometimes the only successful apology will have to involve baking.

~Dr SunWolf


A recipe is a story with a happy ending.

~Daniel Thompson


~ ~


Quotes harvested from:  https://azquotes.comhttp://www.quotegarden.com, https://quotemaster.org, https://wisesayings.com




Video Harvest:  https://vimeo.comhttps://youtube.com


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Quoted in The Grove:    Portrait

The reason some portraits don’t look true to life is that some people make no effort to resemble their pictures.
~Salvador Dali

I murmured to Picasso that I liked his portrait of Gertrude Stein. Yes, he said, everybody said that she does not look like it, but that does not make any difference, she will, he said.
~Gertrude Stein

I do not paint a portrait to look like the subject, rather does the person grow to look like his portrait.
~Salvador Dali

It takes a long time for a man to look like his portrait.
~James Whistler



Exercise Prompt for 03/28:   recipe



your handwriting. the way you walk. which china pattern you choose. it’s all giving you away. everything you do shows your hand. everything is a self portrait. everything is a diary.
~Chuck Palahniuk

Everything is autobiographical and everything is a portrait.
~Lucian Freud

Everything I paint is a portrait, whatever the subject.
~Jamie Wyeth

Who can take Death’s portrait? The tyrant never sat.
~Edward Young


If I declare it to be so, then this is a portrait.
~Robert Rauschenberg

A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In all that surrounds him the egotist sees only the frame of his own portrait.
~Jean Antoine Petit-Senn

When I paint a person, his enemies always find the portrait a good likeness.
~Edvard Munch




Posted from the Grove

What a business is this of a portrait painter! You bring him a potato and expect he will paint you a peach.
~Gilbert Stuart

A good portrait is incredibly hard to create, there is too much temptation to pander to the individual rather than portray them as they really were.
~Philippe Halsman

When having my portrait painted I don’t want justice, I want mercy.
~Billy Hughes

That moment when the person actually dictates the way I do the portrait is when the intimacy arrives.
~Francesco Clemente


None of us is born with the right face. It’s a tough job being a portrait photographer.
~Imogen Cunningham

The longing of my heart is a fairy portrait of myself: I want to be pretty; I want to eliminate facts and fill up the gap with charms.
~Mark Twain

When I did my self-portrait, I left all the pimples out because you always should. Pimples are a temporary condition and they don’t have anything to do with what you really look like. Always omit the blemishes – they’re not part of the good picture you want.
~Andy Warhol

Right now, scientists are in exactly the same position as Renaissance painters, commissioned to make the portrait the patron wants done, And if they are smart, they’ll make sure their work subtly flatters the patron. Not overtly. Subtly.
~Michael Crichton

You have no idea what portrait painters suffer from the vanity of their sitters.
~Kenneth Clark

Listen: if I am a painter and I do your portrait, have I or haven’t I the right to paint you as I want?
~Oriana Fallaci


One is never satisfied with a portrait of persons whom one knows. That is why I have always pitied portraitists. One demands so seldom of others the impossible, but demands just that of the portraitists.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




~Purple Disco Machine:  Fireworks   (4:28)   generational west side story, a dance


~Dea eny:  Bob Dylan ~ another self portrait   (11:52)   yet another try


~The DietrichGroup:  Portrait   (3:05)   interpretive dance ~ nsfw



Your dreams are the product of your longings, a portrait of your potential, and a promise of your future.
~Erwin McManus

I like A&E. I like those corny intimate-portrait things. They’re so kind of ingenious and artificial and soothing.
~Mary-Louise Parker

The danger, I find, is that you can become too formulaic, like some commissioned portrait painters who develop a methodology.
~Jamie Wyeth

Self-deceit is a most damaging trait. The remedy, for an artist, is to paint a self-portrait!
~Scott Kahn

The portrait is one of the most curious art forms. It demands special qualities in the artist, and an almost total kinship with the model.
~Henri Matisse

The portrait I do best is of the person I know best.


Pre-planning is essential. Research, research, research. If you are going to do a portrait, know as much as you can about the person beforehand. The web makes this very easy.
~Peter Menzel

That’s my idea of what a portrait ought to be, anonymous and documentary and a straightforward picture of mankind.
~Walker Evans

You know, if one paints someone’s portrait, one should not know him if possible.
~Otto Dix

Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend.
~John Singer Sargent

The artist who imagines that he puts his best into a portrait in order to produce something good, which will be a pleasure to the sitter and to himself, will have some bitter experiences.
~Jacob Epstein




A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.
~Diane Arbus

A photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows he’s being photographed, and what he does with this knowledge is as much a part of the photograph as what he’s wearing or how he looks.
~Richard Avedon

I believe that everyone wears a mask, and beneath that mask is another mask. So what photographers can reveal are the various masks we all wear.
~Matthew Rolston

A portrait is not a likeness. The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into a photograph it is no longer a fact but an opinion -an occasion rather than a truth. There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.
~Richard Avedon


The facts of the present won’t sit still for a portrait. They are constantly vibrating, full of clutter and confusion.
~William Macneile Dixon

I do think the past changes at a slower rate. It sits a little more still for its portrait.
~Richard Greenberg




~Omeleto:  Mascarpone   (14:02)   ditzy fun


~Omeleto:  Whispers Among Wolves   (17:14)   character study



We prefer to go deformed and distorted all our lives rather than not resemble the portrait of ourselves which we ourselves have first drawn. It’s absurd. We run the risk of warping what’s best in us.
~Andre Gide

For me, a good portrait shows the fragility and humility of the person, and at the same time a strength, a resting in themselves.
~Wolfgang Tillmans

In a portrait, I’m looking for the silence in somebody.
~Henri Cartier-Bresson

Did you ever see a portrait of a great man without perceiving strong traits of pain and anxiety?
~John Adams

A portrait, to be a work of art, neither must nor may resemble the sitter… one must paint its atmosphere.
~Umberto Boccioni


And painted portraits have a life of their own that comes from deep in the soul of the painter and where the machine can’t go.
~Vincent Van Gogh

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.
~Oscar Wilde


A Gustave Courbet portrait of a trout has more death in it than Rubens could get in a whole Crucifixion.
~Robert Hughes

That is my job, right? To comfort him. To keep the portrait of what he left behind intact. Isn’t that a woman’s duty during wartime?
~Suzanne Hayes

Sculpture may be almost anything: a monument, a statue, an old coin, a bas-relief, a portrait bust, a lifelong struggle against heavy odds.
~Malvina Hoffman





Nothing in a portrait is a matter of indifference. Gesture, grimace, clothing, decor even – all must combine to realize a character.
~Charles Baudelaire

We demand that people should be true to the pictures we have of them, no matter how repulsive those pictures may be: we prefer the true portrait (as we have conceived it), in all its homogeneity, to one with a detail added which refuses to fit in.
~Pamela Hansford Johnson

For me a photograph is most successful when it doesn’t answer all the questions, but leaves something to the imagination.”.
~Greg Gorman

Perhaps I have not lined his portrait too clearly. But if he exists, if only for the reason that I have imagined him to be. He came from the blue and returns to the blue. He has not perished, he is not lost. Neither will he be forgotten.
~Henry Miller



~Filter:  Take a Picture   (4:20)   in lieu of memory


~Kid Rock:  Picture   feat. Cheryl Crow   (5:01)   prodigal love a 2-way street


~Steely Dan:  Peg   (3:56)    her picture, again


~Lady Gaga: Paparrazi   (7:11)   cinematic



I used to think that I could never lose anyone if I photographed them enough. In fact, my pictures show me how much I’ve lost.
~Nan Goldin

A portrait is like an ornamental headstone. It is not for the subject, but for those who look upon it. For those you want to remember.
~Julie Klassen

Portraits are the most intimate photographs. The image will survive the subject.
~Victor Skrebneski

A portrait is a picture in which there is just a tiny little something not quite right about the mouth.
~John Singer Sargent

Lorelei sat at the window of her drawing room, painting in the fading daylight. It was yet another portrait of Jack, her favorite piece of fruit.
~Kinley MacGregor





Some sitters don’t engage with the process of having their portrait painted at all. They’ll think it’s a good opportunity to catch up with all their phone calls.
~Stuart Pearson Wright

To anyone who has served in Washington, there is something oddly familiar about [having your portrait painted]. First, you’re painted into a corner, then you’re hung out to dry and, finally, you’re framed.
~Warren Christopher

Did you know Richard Nixon is the only president whose formal portrait was painted by a police sketch artist?
~Johnny Carson

Beauty is in the eye of the checkbook holder.
~Dean Collins

THING TO TRY: If you are asked to describe a suspect to a police sketch artist, describe in precise detail, the features of the police sketch artist. This is one of the rare instances where two people can do one self-portrait.
~Demetri Martin

I have terrible handwriting. Probably because I hold my pen with two chopsticks. I once wrote a love letter that looked more like a portrait of Rasputin.
~Jarod Kintz

Obviously a drawing of a person is not a real person, but a drawing of a line is a real line.
~Sol LeWitt

~ ~


© Lucas Bautista



Portraits are supposed to “look within,” but in my opinion very few people have an interior significantly different from the outside portrait.
~Jon Witcomb

Sometimes, in a portrait, I go straight in with paint onto canvas… Other than riding my bike up and down the hills around here, it is the most dangerous thing I do… like tightrope-walking without a safety net!
~David Cobley

I sometimes find the surface interesting. To say that the mark of a good portrait is whether you get them or get the soul – I don’t think this is possible all of the time.
~Annie Leibovitz

Painting someone’s portrait is, of course, an impossible task. What an absurd idea to try and distil a human being, the most complex organism on the planet, into flicks, washes, and blobs of paint on a two-dimensional surface.
~David Cobley

Most portraits are lies. People are rarely what they appear to be, especially in front of a camera. You might know me your entire lifetime and never reveal yourself to me. To interpret wrinkles as character is insult not insight.
~Duane Michals

I believe that photography can only reproduce the surface of things. The same applies to a portrait. I take photographs of people the same way I would take photographs of a plaster bust.
~Thomas Ruff


You wouldn’t take a portrait of a human being from a hundred feet away and expect to capture their spirit; you’d move in close.
~Nick Brandt

Surely a good therapist should produce a Dorian Gray-style portrait from under the couch so the patient can see the person they really are.
~Rosamund Lupton



@Writers Platform

Both Proust and Joyce record the ways in which human perspectives can be transformed. In Portrait, Stephen Dedalus is constantly undergoing epiphanies, but their effects are transitory: the new synthetic complex quickly falls apart. Proust’s characters, by contrast, often achieve lasting changes of perspective.
~Philip Kitcher

To demand the portrait that will be a complete portrait of a person is as futile as to demand that a motion picture be condensed into a single still.
~Alfred Stieglitz

Alas, it is just a single image – an extended moment perhaps. Unlike a biography, a portrait cannot present the many differing moments that make up a personality.
~Burton Silverman


The contents of someone’s bookcase are part of his history, like an ancestral portrait.
~Anatole Broyard

Your library is your portrait.
~Holbrook Jackson

My favorite books have a personality and complexion as distinctly drawn as if the author’s portrait were framed into the paragraphs and smiled upon me as I read his illustrated pages.
~Amos Bronson Alcott



Exercise Prompt:   portrait



Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws its portrait.
~Jean-Paul Sartre

Eloquence is a painting of thought; and thus those who, after having painted it, add something more, make a picture instead of a portrait.
~Blaise Pascal

Seeing that I am so busily occupied with myself just now, I want to try to paint my self-portrait in writing.
~Vincent Van Gogh

I would paint a portrait which would bring the tears, had I canvas for it, and the scene should be — solitude, and the figures — solitude — and the lights and shades, each a solitude.
~Emily Dickinson

But a Book is only the Heart’s Portrait- every Page a Pulse.
~Emily Dickinson



The Exercise:



thin flat of glass
cheap window on the world
yet, placed to face a mirror
self-portrait unobscured

extro versus introspection

mere glass transparent backing, or
cold life with a silver lining
knowledge observed, or
wisdom endured



lascivious eyes
portrait of a cad
her wide expressive eyes
inviting to be had

faded jaded eyes
gone from bad to sad
hooded distant eyes
portrait of a sage

dollar’s weight
on deadened eyes
road’s end an open gate
pass from sage to saint



wind whipped
rain drops
from the eaves

the trees
plant leaves
an old Kodak moment
portrait past on repeat
happening today


unpretty ditties  #21

anti-vax and anti-science
guerrilla thinkers in loud defiance
overburdened medics pleading crying
shrill mutineers grow hoarse denying
‘tween those who breathe, those who slumber
both their stories told in the numbers
naysay critics with naught else to offer
’tis their voting list will thin and suffer
wretched luck that skeptics die off
loud alarms for publics prone to nod off


picture of a party
portrait of a pirate
ship near capsized
climate shanghaied
May Day calls
arrive in tandem
news that galls
votes held for ransom
democracy, d’ mock race be
forgot that mules have memory too
false profit, history’s prophet
rode’n spurred scared voter’s hide
bet the farm on it then fall off it


5s by 7 drive-byes x 6

preserved, her beauty enshrined
portrait envisioned


justice on the loose
portrait of a paladin
feel-good movies rock


posed for a portrait
plastic pasted on decal
fixture of a smile


wed to a hobby
longer hours than a work week
portrait of a slave


instant of impact
portrait of shared destiny
corner camera feed


tears are contagious
portrait framed in eulogy
hearts like fragile glass



I used to think that I could never lose anyone if I photographed them enough. In fact, my pictures show me how much I’ve lost.
~Nan Goldin


What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound than a portrait.
~Charles Baudelaire

Great portrait photographers are great mythologists.
~Roland Barthes


The best portraits are those in which there is a slight mixture of caricature.
~Thomas B Macaulay

There are only two styles of portrait painting; the serious and the smirk.
~Charles Dickens


If I were an opera singer, I’d have sung you an aria. If I were an artist, I would have painted your portrait. But cooking is what I’m best at.
~Lisa Kleypas

When you are doing portraits, you have that intimacy with someone for a few minutes. For a really good portrait, you don’t take the portrait – it’s given.
~Giles Duley


Every man’s work, whether it be literature, or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself.
~Samuel Butler

Thoughts frame your portrait, action paints it.
~Charles F Glassman

The landscape of any farm is the owner’s portrait of himself.
~Aldo Leopold


Fellow-Christians, do let us study the Bible portrait of the humble man. And let us ask our brethren, and ask the world, whether they recognize in us the likeness to the original.
~Andrew Murray

If you alter or obscure the Biblical portrait of God in order to attract converts, you don’t get converts to God, you get converts to an illusion. This is not evangelism, but deception.
~John Piper

Understand this: we are both tiny and massive. We are nothing more than molded clay given breath, but we are nothing less than divine self-portraits, huffing and puffing along the mountain ranges of epic narrative arcs prepared for us by the Infinite Word Himself.
~N D Wilson

Bruheem kol dumuyay eloha! Blessed are all God’s self-portraits.
~Richard Zimler


One day the last portrait of Rembrandt and the last bar of Mozart will have ceased to be – though possibly a colored canvas and a sheet of notes will remain – because the last eye and the last ear accessible to their message will have gone.
~Oswald Spengler

I was painting her portrait in the little studio, and when I came to the eyes I stopped, overcome by emotion, and said to her, ‘Have you understood me?’ She nodded affirmatively. ‘Will you be my wife?’ I asked. She made the same affirmative sign.
~Jules Breton


~ ~

Quotes harvested from: https://azquotes.com, https://brainyquotes.com
https://onportraits.com, https://quotemaster.org, https://wisesayings.com


Video Harvest: https://vimeo.com, https://youtube.com


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Quoted in The Grove:   Audience

When I sing, I feel like when you’re first in love. It’s more than sex. It’s that point two people can get to they call love, when you really touch someone for the first time, but it’s gigantic, multiplied by the whole audience. I feel chills.
~Janis Joplin

When I’m in front of an audience, all that love and vitality sweeps over me and I forget my age.
~George Burns

Audiences have kept me alive.
~Judy Garland

That audience embrace has unbelievable power.
~June Havoc



Exercise Prompt for 03/21:   portrait



If what you have to say is from your deepest feelings, you’ll find an audience that responds.
~Irwin Greenberg

They stayed away in droves.
~Samuel Goldwyn

One may have a blazing hearth in one’s soul and yet no one ever came to sit by it. Passers-by see only a wisp of smoke from the chimney and continue on their way.
~Vincent van Gogh

If the audience are leaving in ambulances, you know you’ve done a good job
~John Peel


I cannot convince myself that a painting is good unless it is popular. If the public dislikes one of my Post covers, I can’t help disliking it myself.
~Norman Rockwell

I have no idea what the audience makes of me.
~Keith Richards

The audience wants you present, not perfect.
~Darren LaCroix

Convicts are the best audience I ever played for.
~Johnny Cash


Audiences like their blues singers to be miserable.
~Janis Joplin

Maybe my audiences can enjoy my music more if they think I’m destroying myself.
~Janis Joplin

Being popular with an audience is a very rickety ladder to be on.
~Louis C K



Posted from the Grove

A good play puts the audience through a certain ordeal.
~Howard Barker

In order to grow your audience, you must betray their expectations.

All audiences should be slightly off balance.
~Richard Thompson

You want the audience to be uncomfortable.
~Richard Thompson

Give them pleasure – the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare… Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.
~Alfred Hitchcock


If you think you’re boring your audience, go slower not faster.
~Gustav Mahler

Any audience, as a rule, goes for a fast number.
~Elvis Presley

Audience boredom is usually a content failure, not a decoration failure.
~Edward Tufte



~Sju Mil:  Fifty Miles   (10:40)   witness to a life, a meditation


~Minarella:  A Psychological Trick…   listener provocateur



You’re assisting the audience to understand; you’re giving them a bridge or an access. And if you don’t give them that, if you keep it more abstract, it’s almost more pure. It’s a cooler thing.
~Jim Henson (of the Muppets)

If you give audiences half a chance, they’ll do half your acting for you.
~Katharine Hepburn

The audience is not the least important actor in the play and if it will not do its allotted share the play falls to pieces.
~W Somerset Maugham

An alive piece of art may be more alive than much of its audience, and with this odd truth artists must make peace.
~Eric Maisel

It is my custom to keep on talking until I get the audience cowed.
~Mark Twain


I need an audience way more than an audience needs me.

If you can’t move the audience, they don’t want you.
~Teddy Pendergrass

We can make ourselves actors, but only the audience can make a star.
~Jose Ferrer

Basically there are no stars anymore. The audience is the star.
~Billy Bob Thornton

One of my terrors is boring people.
~Fiona Rae

Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.
~Dorothy Sarnoff

The best audience is intelligent, well-educated and a little drunk.
~Alben W Barkley




Don’t be too clever for an audience. Make it obvious. Make the subtleties obvious also.
~Billy Wilder

Paint pictures that will take with the public, in other words, never paint for the few, but for the many… Some artists remain in the corner by not observing the above.
~William Sidney Mount

In the theatre the audience wants to be surprised – but by things that they expect.
~Tristan Bernard


The success of the storytellers – we’re only as good as what we can withhold from the audience. Aspects of surprise and letting things play out for the audience – it’s so much a part of their enjoyment.
~B D Wong

I usually don’t like to ‘spoon feed’ my audience, because I grew up idolizing story tellers who tell stories using symbolism, so it was in my nature to do the same.
~The Weeknd

I want to give the audience a hint of a scene. No more than that. Give them too much and they won’t contribute anything themselves. Give them just a suggestion and you get them working with you.
~Orson Welles

Don’t give [the audience] four; give them two plus two.
~Andrew Stanton


On the stage, you have to find truth, even if you have to lose the audience.
~Anthony Quinn

It’s a gamble you take, the risk of alienating an audience. But there’s a theory – sometimes it’s better to confuse them for five minutes than let them get ahead of you for 10 seconds.
~Paul Thomas Anderson

My greatest fear is that the audience will beat me to the punch line.
~David Mamet

In theatre, the main objective is to make the art happy, not the audience!
~Mehmet Murat ildan


What I’ve discovered is that in art, as in music, there’s a lot of truth – and then there’s a lie. The artist is essentially creating his work to make this lie a truth, but he slides it in amongst all the others. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for, my moment. It’s the moment that the audience falls in love.
~Lady Gaga

Without love it is like having a good song without an audience.
~Fanny Brice

The easiest kind of relationship for me is with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one.
~Joan Baez

You are always cheating for the audience.
~William Friedkin


If the audience knew what they wanted then they wouldn’t be the audience, they would be the artist.
~Alan Moore

Artists are tuning forks. Their goal is to create resonance in the audience.
~Bob Lefsetz

The imaginary audience for my life is growing small and silent.
~Mason Cooley


u r d audience

~Tim Minchin:  Storm the Animated Movie   (10:38)    comedy or philosophy?


~Omeleto: Sunday Punch   (8:56)   arguing for audience



For a competent audience, uncommon men must have other uncommon men.
~Henry S Haskins

It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.
~Walter Lippmann

I have sung for Americans of every political persuasion, and I am proud that I never refuse to sing to an audience, no matter what religion or color of their skin, or situation in life.
~Pete Seeger

Free speech is not to be regulated like diseased cattle and impure butter. The audience that hissed yesterday may applaud today, even for the same performance.
~William O Douglas

Many senators have developed a canny sense of what will play best for the audience.
~Jessica Savitch

Your job is to get your audience to care about your obsessions.
~Martin Scorsese

I dumbed down for my audience to double my dollars

Men without dignity are like clowns without an audience, pathetic and lost.
~Rubin Carter

Don’t cater to the audience. Inspire the audience.
~Ken Danby




I’m scared of audiences.

I still get very scared when I step in front of a live audience.
~Adam Sandler

I don’t want to be able to see the audience
~Bobby Darin

I need space between me and the audience – and the more space the better.
~Ray LaMontagne

The conductor has the advantage of not seeing the audience.
~Andre Kostelanetz

Miles Davis turned his back to the audience when he came out on stage, and he offended people. But, he wasn’t there to entertain; he was all about the music. I kind of do that.
~Bobby McFerrin

We don’t play to be seen. I’m addicted to music, not audiences.
~Miles Davis

-on Cezanne…
He did not like people to watch him when he was painting… as soon as he noticed her… he packed up his things in a rage and away he went. ~Ambroise Vollard

I don’t like audiences, I prefer my mistakes in private.
~Dr Seuss


When the audiences pitches in

~Bon Jovi:  Livin’on a Prayer 2012   (6:38)


~Robbie Williams:   Angels   (Live 8 2005)



The sheer force of the music calls for a wild audience reaction.
~Emanuel Ax

American audiences tend to be more expressive than British ones.
~Simon Pegg

Applause that comes thundering with such force you might think the audience merely suffers the music as an excuse for its ovations.
~Alfred Jarry

On applause: They named it Ovation from the Latin ovis, a sheep.

Applause, n. The echo of a platitude.
~Ambrose Bierce


The least responsive audience I can ever remember playing to.
~Trent Reznor

Audiences tend to get the performances they deserve…
~Gene Lees





If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?
~George Carlin

Rated G is nobody gets the girl. PG is the good guy gets the girl. R is the bad guy gets the girl. XXX is everybody gets the girl.
~Author Unknown

Stereotypically speaking, feminists can’t take a joke.
:: audience boo ::
~Louis C K


I prefer the old theaters because the audience is… trapped.
~Jerry Seinfeld

Sometimes audiences love you because they get to boo you.
~Lisa Yuskavage

It’s not really a good sign when your audience applauds Satan.
~Jon Stewart


If there are any of you at the back who do not hear me, please don’t raise your hands because I am also nearsighted.
~W H Auden


People wrestle alligators but not once has someone done it without an audience.
~Doug Stanhope

Glory is largely a theatrical concept. There is no striving for glory without a vivid awareness of an audience…
~Eric Hoffer

So many artists say they’re not aware of audience. For me is unbelievable.
~Marina Abramovic

Bravado may stir the crowd, but courage needs no audience.
~T F Hodge



Old Apple Tree
© Greg Thweatt



The play was a great success, but audience was a dismal failure.
~George Bernard Shaw

The play was a great success, but the audience was a disaster.
~Oscar Wilde

My play was a complete success. The audience was a failure.
~Ashleigh Brilliant

I still want to get some empathy from the audience, even though she’s pathetic.
~Laura Vandervoort


You cannot fool an audience.
~Marian Anderson

An audience is never wrong. An individual member of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles together in the dark – that is critical genius.
~Billy Wilder

It is extremely arrogant and very foolish to think that you can ever outwit your audience.
~Twyla Tharp

You find out your mistakes from an audience that pays admission.
~Edgar Bergen


I don’t believe in elitism. I don’t think the audience is this dumb person lower than me. I am the audience.
~Quentin Tarantino

When I’m making a film, I’m the audience.
~Martin Scorsese

A movie is made for an audience and a film is made for both the audience and the film-makers.
~David Fincher

There’s no thief like a bad movie.
~Sam Ewing


I work hard for the audience. It’s entertainment. I don’t need validation.
~Denzel Washington

Eventually you just have to realize that you’re living for an audience of one. I’m not here for anyone else’s approval.
~Pamela Anderson



@Writers Platform

Discourse on virtue and they pass by in droves. Whistle and dance and you’ve got an audience.

Write as if you were dying. At the same time, assume you write for an audience consisting solely of terminal patients. That is, after all, the case. What would you begin writing if you knew you would die soon? What could you say to a dying person that would not enrage by its triviality?
~Annie Dillard

Literature is the only art in which the audience performs the score.
~Kurt Vonnegut


Write as an audience member. Write what you want to see, feel and hear.
~Carol Hovsepian

Forget the audience, make what you want to see
~Sofia Coppola

People who write for reward by way of recognition or monetary gain don’t know what they’re doing. They’re in the category of those who write; they are not writers. Writing is simply something you must do. It’s rather like virtue in that it is its own reward. Writing is selfish and contradictory in its terms. First of all, you’re writing for an audience of one, you must please the one person you’re writing for. Yourself.
~Harper Lee

All my big mistakes are when I try to second-guess or please an audience. My work is always stronger when I get very selfish about it.
~David Bowie

I work as an artist, and I think the audience of one, which is the self, and I have to satisfy myself as an artist. So I always say that I write for the same people that Picasso painted for. I think he painted for himself.
~August Wilson


A speech is poetry: cadence, rhythm, imagery, sweep! A speech reminds us that words, like children, have the power to make dance the dullest beanbag of a heart.
~Peggy Noonan

Few speeches which have produced an electrical effect on an audience can bear the colourless photography of a printed record.
~Archibald Philip Primrose


Sometimes you get an audience that’s looking to just explode.
~Gerald Caiafa

(Responding to a sneeze from the audience) Who exploded?
~Victor Borge



Exercise Prompt:   audience



The hack condescends to his audience. He thinks he’s superior to them. The truth is, he’s scared to death of them… scared of being authentic in front of them… He’s afraid it won’t sell.
~Steven Pressfield

If you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable. You must reach the emotional and intellectual level of ability where you can go out stark naked, emotionally, in front of an audience.
~Jack Lemmon

You can’t expect the audience to feel anything if you don’t.
~William Boughton

If the audience knew what they wanted then they wouldn’t be the audience, they would be the artist.
~Alan Moore

Everything that I do is very autobiographical. I’m trying to be as much of an open book as possible and give the audience every single piece of me.
~Dua Lipa

When the theater gates open, a mob pours inside, and it is the poet’s task to turn it into an audience.
~Franz Grillparzer


An artist who doesn’t have any audience is not an artist.
~Rokia Traore

An actor without an audience is rehearsing.
~Sarah Wayne Callies


Usually, when we talk about creativity, it’s about self-expression, which is great, but for work to be art or design, there has to be someone on the other end. The audience makes the work come alive.
~Austin Kleon

There’s something imminent in the work, but the circle is only completed by the viewer.
~Anish Kapoor

You make an open-ended proposition and the audience completes it somehow. That’s what you hope an artwork to be – a constantly living thing.
~Cornelia Parker



The Exercise:


Dual Doggerels Dueling

The Tie That Binds

The low brow and an audience for excellence
The curious or intransigent pestilence
Peacemongers ambitions turned to militance
The rich and poor man’s unequal leverage
A world getting by on its average

Molding guilt into art makes it weighty
Finding beauty in ugly the artist’s duty
Potentials multifaceted and multifarious
Differences multitudinous and various
Yet all sit and share a favorite beverage



Stories untold to overhyped and unhinged
Stellar viewing for the star born to binge
Heroic, prosaic, praiseworthy or cringe
Bared souls to bare skin shameless and scandalous
Royally gowned down to disrobed and sandal-less
Celestial audience, motiveless, fathomless
Angelic voyeurs to our voyaging protagonists

Good and bad all needing their hugs
From the saintly departed to immoral slugs
Worthies of halo or exile or simply a shrug
Mere examples of extremity, common humanity
Cosmic eyes that espy us prize our insanity
A human being human as only humans can be



Audience in compliance
Rebels in defiance
License to riot
Stony road of democracy
Destination: On course


For some life is a show, and their need is to shine onstage. To others, life plays out as a game, with a need to win and someone to lose. Then there are those in the cheap seats, the audience…
from: Archipelago


5s  &  7s

creative release
explosive raw ecstasy
craves an audience
quiet solitude
imagination’s back yard
needs no audience
aim low bid high, kid
audience up for auction
voters don’t come cheap



Audiences cry in the theater when people make a hard choice – for life.
~Bill C Davis

I made mistakes in drama. I thought drama was when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries.
~Frank Capra

If misery loves company, then triumph demands an audience.
~Brian Moore

I’m a great audience. I cry very easily. I suspend disbelief in two seconds.
~Stephen Sondheim


An audience sabotages my freedom, devastates my innocence, corrupts my integrity, inhibits my great joy – and of course gives me further to fall.
~Selima Hill


I would love to have an ocean of love right now. That said, the number-one rule of acting is, ‘Do not seek approval from the audience.’ People don’t realize that. You can’t do stuff to get applause. You have to live in the truth.
~Chadwick Boseman

An audience is always warming but it must never be necessary to your work.
~Gertrude Stein

I’m looking for the truth. The audience doesn’t come to see you, they come to see themselves.
~Julianne Moore

I think if you ask the audience to like you, it’s all over.
~Rachel Weisz

Some singers want the audience to love them. I love the audience.
~Luciano Pavarotti


The way that you present yourself visually totally dictates your audience and everything that anyone thinks about you.

Language is a more recent technology. Your body language, your eyes, your energy will come through to your audience before you even start speaking.
~Peter Guber

My motto is that the audience should notice the actors, not the clothes.
~Edith Head

Costumes and scenery alone will not attract audiences.
~Anna Held


The audience should feel like voyeurs. Their response is absolutely crucial.
~Alan Rickman

There is a difference between a voyeur and a tender witness. Maybe I think the audience is more of a tender witness than a voyeur, which has a shady undertone.
~Julia Leigh


No one gets out of the game of life alive. You either die in the bleachers, or on the field. So, you might as well play out on the field, and go for it.
Les Brown

The further I wake into this life, the more I realize that God is everywhere and the extraordinary is waiting quietly beneath the skin of all that is ordinary. Light is in both the broken bottle and the diamond, and music is in both the flowing violin and the water dripping from the drainage pipe. Yes, God is under the porch as well as on top of the mountain, and joy is in both the front row and the bleachers, if we are willing to be where we are.
~Mark Nepo

What we are looking for is Who is looking.
~St Francis of Assisi


I never have an intended audience. I just write, you know.
~Alice Walker



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