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Quoted in the Grove:
If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.
~Haruki Murakami

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.
~Charles William Eliot

Quiet people have the loudest minds.
~Stephen Hawking


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20 Thoughts So Deep Your Brain Will Drown
Puddles and ponds and the deep blue sea



Piffin From The Platform:

~Lights: February Airs   (3:48)

~Stomper: Wishing Well (3:27)


Prewritten for Thurs 04/26 (6:00pm PT/9 ET) is a picture:


@Writers Platform:

Prewritten: “And then we…”

~Piffin: “Still Raining”

After we were done, I dressed quietly.

It was still raining outside.

From the bed, she asked, “What does she have that I don’t have?”

“Me,” I told her.

The cab honked outside.


~Greymane: Turn Away

In kingdoms made of styrofoam we followed louder men
And then we found our way back home
And then we left again
From places that we thought we knew to places we can’t find
We stumbled on our wrinkled ways and then we fell behind
We gathered all the shiny things too precious to forgive
and swore we’d build a better place for everyone to live
We painted dreams on carrot sticks and dangled them ahead
and then we tied them to our past with ropes of tattered thread
In tangled webs of where we’ve been to who we are today
The spiral starts to slowly spin and then we turn away


~thoreau: “And then we…”

And then we said, “Put ze candle beck!”
And then we had cinnamon rolls and iced tea, sitting on the pickup’s tailgate at the edge of the field
And then we rode the chairlift back up the mountain, dangling our snowshoes
And then we brought our newly-adopted cat out of the shelter, and tried to find space for her in the car packed full of our last few things
And then we agreed, “It’s an outrage!”, laughing
And then we listened to the dogs’ breath and the sled runners’ hiss, in the harshly cold moonlight
And then we took Russian nicknames, and tasted borscht
And then we learned you really should downshift on the long uphills
And then we said yet again, “We should live here!”
And then we woke early, to feed the calves from a bucket of warm formula
And then we descended the spiral staircase to the chamber of the Pattern
And then we consulted the floor whisperer
And then we sawed through the couch’s frame, and bent it to fit through the door of the basement apartment
And then we watched the weather radar’s hurricane track, just not from the same place
And then we witnessed two golden retrievers become a single roly-poly ball with eight legs, two tails, but no head
And then we put on a puppet show in the chemistry department

And then we planted three aspen trees


~BarTalk: Chapters*


The dread stagnations
Inky pool of inertia when
Uninvited, love stampeded
Thru, unwelcome at first
And then we said goodbye

It Began When

Bitter words when we met
Better as enemies and yet
Battered walls will fall
Breakfast in bed for two
And then we pledged, I do

Question Settled

With worlds to explore
Wanting love, but more
Loving home/foreign shore
I chose…No, and then we
Chose and opened our door


Hike the green of Iceland
Raft the mighty Amazon
Vacation in Belize and
Then we turn the TV off
Fluff pillows go to sleep

After Words

Years aft love gone stale
Life on hold living hell
Chose better getting well
And then we, drifting on
Bid farewell each alone

*The tally poem derives from a voting board in There.com, and is comprised of a title window, with a body of 5 lines, 25 characters each


Impromptu:  bloom, spar

~Piffin: “April”

Springtime in bloom
The sparring of the bees
Mother Nature’s loom
The pink of the trees
Running ‘round the room
Where are my keys?
Will the rain ever stop this month?


~Greymane: The Wait of Promise

The princess paid a silent price in shadows in her room
She made a deal guaranteed upon her future bloom
She swore the kingdom never lie beneath the feet of men
She sparred with dreams from in between but let them win again
She begged the sky would not deny the biddings of the Sun
She played the victim once again in front of everyone
She danced her sordid pleasure on the shadow of her crown
and flew away before the weight of promise held her down


~Matttt: BEE ON A BLOOM Still

This bee did land to drink but not to chew
He did not get permission, not from you
You cannot simply kill and fumigate
The bugs and speckt to get through heaven’s gate

For if you do you know your mortal soul
Will boil and roil inside the devil’s bowl
He’ll light you up like a great big fat bud
He’ll hack you up and spit you in the mud

I don’t suppose you’ll ever stop and think
The things we do to put us on the brink
It’s never going to serve us very well
If we ignore the dire division bell

This could be our last time we see this place
I wish I could survive without your face
So very few have seen your pantomime
At least I now know you; And that’s just fine


thoreau: spar and bloom

in the japanese garden
two players sit on opposite sides of a go board
each stone placed is part of the game’s ongoing conversation
creating a complex and unique pattern

nearby, around the columbines
two hummingbirds hover and weave
seemingly at random
and nearly bump noses briefly


~BarTalk: 5-7-5 x 2

sparring stags on stance
late snow, last bloom of winter
share the stage with spring
blackened eye, red gash
bruises bloom a purple rose
sparring for a mate

~  .  ~

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Quoted in the Grove:
Men are the devils of the earth and the animals are its tormented souls.
~Arthur Schopenhauer

We call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words.
~Anna Sewell

Kindness is always fashionable.
~Amelia Barr


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Platform Favorites: Crosby, Stills & Nash, plus bonus videos

~CS&N: Might As Well Have A Good Time   (4:30)

~CS&N: Wasted on the Way   (2:54)

~Kids Sing “Teach Your Children” to Graham Nash   (3:55)

~Kaz Hawkins: Because You Love Me   (6:00)


Prewritten for Thurs 03/22 (6:00pm PT/9 ET) is a phrase: And then we…


@Writers Platform:

Prewritten: homunculus

~Greymane: Runner in the Night

The ego of the World, on a throne of shiny lies,
tells a tale of heroic appetite
They fluff it up while polishing the cracks in the disguise
reassuring us to help us sleep at night
Somewhere past the last escape, stigmatically revised,
the Devil cried to hide his sheer delight
Our problem is we’re smaller than our ego advertised,
homunculus and blinded by our light


~BarTalk: Homunculus Veritas

Shriveled men of Earth
Shed of innocence at last
Shriven wisdom rising
Rekindled from the ashes
Phoenix, to the stars


5-7-5 x 4

God’s humunculus
tiny idol taught silence
naught but junk to us
man’s humunculus
tiny god idolatrous
sinned, spoke just like us
a biography
book title, Homunculus
Precious Little Man
sons of Africa
homunculus, seed of man
spirit calls, return
homo uncle was
prior life homunculus
facebook famously


Impromptu: time

~Piffin: “Now

We didn’t count back in the day
We didn’t really count on anything
At all
We didn’t think of what to say
We just opened up our mouths
And let words fall
We didn’t think of what to do
We just blundered our way through
In pantomime
We didn’t count back in the day
But we can’t stop counting now
That we’re running out of time


~Greenie: Time

I wait impatiently, moment by moment slowed to all but a standstill
Aching for more, just a few more… and yet each moment spills out in a rush
Crystal clear a page falls before my mind’s eye, etched in diamonds
Blurred almost beyond reckoning, so much lost that was once indelible
How can it be all of this at the same time…



~Matttt: “Time” – some 5-7-5s

One grain after grain
The shower of sand falls through
Our time will run out

The sun never sets
The sky is never not blue
Inside There.com

A grandfather clock
A pendulum keeps swinging
Deeply chimes the gong

His lungs are bursting
His heart is pounding madly
He broke the record

Calculating moves
She made the white queen run fast
She had not had time


~Greymane: Parsley, Sage and Rosemary

Tapping time on open doors with reasons made of glass
Machines that feast on dinosaurs who sleep beneath the grass
Winter after Autumn after Summer after Spring
Tomorrow just a day away but hanging by a string
Seasons man will evermore refuse to be outdone
Feathers of the ones who flew too closely to the sun


~BarTalk: The Dance

Time out, take a break
Time to rest, recuperate
Once a friend now the foe
Work to do, clock says no
Skip to my lou my darlin’

~ . ~

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Quoted in the Grove:
History teaches that war begins when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap.
~Ronald Reagan

No mother would ever willingly sacrifice her sons for territorial gain, for economic advantage, for ideology.
~Ronald Reagan

A people free to choose will always choose peace.
~Ronald Reagan

People don’t start wars, governments do.
~Ronald Reagan


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Piffin From The Platform: Featuring ~My Chemical Romance

~My Chemical Romance: Disenchanted    (4:54)

~My Chemical Romance: S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W   (4:26)

~My Chemical Romance: Summertime (  4:06)


Prewritten for Thurs 04/12  (6:00pm PT/9 ET):   homunculus





@Writers Platform:

Prewritten: cheap motel

~Greymane: Cheap Motel

It was like driving through a strobe light on those winding roads with the sun flickering through the canopy above. It was almost hypnotic. He had to concentrate very intently to stay on the road, it was hard, and she never shut up, the whole time she never shut up. On and on for nearly forty minutes so far about how he had disrespected her sister’s husband.

He didn’t care. The man was an ass. No one else had heard his snide remarks. He only shared them with Will. It was “Guy Talk”. He was one of those guys and proud of it but that was only half the problem. His parents had been very well to do which had gilded his ego. He felt he was above William and his wife and showed it despite the fact that they had done very well for themselves and had a nice comfortable life. They were able to avoid him most of the time except for holidays but every time Will had encountered the man he liked him less and less. He had tolerated him long enough and had simply had enough of him this weekend. He reacted, maybe a bit too much maybe not, he didn’t care either way. He had exploded and verbally pummeled the man with twelve years of disdain.

Delia’s sister Jean and her husband Hank had moved during this last year so Will was unfamiliar with these crooked mountain roads. He was thinking they might just be lost and was distracted by the car’s GPS when Delia stopped her scolding to scream out.

“Will!!” she shrieked, “Watch out!”

He almost didn’t see the fallen tree across the road in time. He swerved violently onto the shoulder, sliding almost gently into a large pine tree on Delia’s side. They were not hurt but the car was stuck tilted on the slope against the tree. The more he tried the deeper they sunk in the soft soil.

They climbed out of the car and up to the road. There was nothing but an asphalt ribbon as far as they could see in either direction forming a corridor between the tall trees. It would be dark soon and their only option was to call Jean and Hank for assistance. They left a message when they didn’t answer telling them they would set out walking back the way they had come. They had passed a cheap motel some miles back and told them to meet them there at the dark Forest Inn when they got the message.

Delia spent the next five miles and ninety minutes explaining to William why this was all his fault and how he really should learn to control his emotions…blah blah blah. He heard less than half of it between the racing thoughts in his own head.

(to be continued…)


BarTalk: First Time

Cheap motel, king’s palace
First time, me and Alice
Roll dice, take a chance
Her panties, my pants
Next roll, then we dance


Bargain Love

Cheapest date, loneliness
Dream dates are loneliest
Onanist is the onlyest to
Take comfort from succubi
Motel rates still apply


5-7-5 x 2

nine days lost at sea
beer, cheap motel, hot shower
next day back at work


torn, smoke drenched curtains
soiled mattress, worn sheets, stained walls
tired love for sale, cheap


Impromptu: engine

~Piffin: “Engine”

This hapless desire
This simian fire
This wasted
This wasted
This wasted
In stupid attire
With hapless desire
So wasted
And this God
Running an engine
We believe
We believe might fix it all
Until then
We laugh as we all crawl


~Greymane: Engine

Summer starts an early day before the world wakes
She never dances anymore with all her past mistakes
She chases possibility until it disappears
Her limo blew an engine rod
She rusted it with tears


~Matttt: 8 Pistons Greased

He didn’t think it was going to be such a grind.
Every morning, up by 6…
Every night, down by 10…
He had no clue that she felt neglected.

She lounged in the late evening, bathed in a blue glow.
And her friend never questioned much.

He always thought that the papers were a test.
He knew she really didn’t want to leave.
He knew that if he simply signed, she would come back.
He was wrong.

And so, here he is.
Sleeping in a trailer.
Driving a cab.


~BarTalk: 5-7-5

piston pumping flesh
the in and out, stroke for stroke
porn, engine on fire

~ . ~

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