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Quoted in the Grove:
Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.
~Bil Keane

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
~William Penn

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.
~Rabindranath Tagore


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Watch List: Faves From the Platform (informal poll):

Boardwalk Empire
The Wire
Penny Dreadful
Hap & Leonard
Frankenstein Chronicles



Prewritten for Thurs 04/05 (6:00pm PT/9 ET): Topic: cheap motel


@Writers Platform:

Prewritten: law, pebble,

~Greymane: Sons of a Glitch

There once was a pebble that started a war creating the first little wave
The ripples continually battered the shore of the places that chaos forgave
Alone on a pedestal, tiny and round, the pebble commanded respect
The problem was everyone under him drowned whenever the weather had checked
Of unwritten law in the scope of the sky in puddles we left by the road
We ruined it all in the glimpse of an eye through a glitch in our binary code


~Matttt: untitled

Sitting perched on the shore
Of blue mountain lake
Gazing at the surface
Trying to understand
The wind suddenly died down

All was still

Beneath the glaze, a stony lake bottom appeared
He relaxed when it all became clear

And then it was gone
Hidden by the ripples
Expanding from the pebble

Startled and confused he turned to glare
At the sneaky boy running into the brush


~BarTalk: Due Process

Braided rope, noose to be
Lawyer loose, at liberty
To twist up legal theory
To set bold mischief free
Pebbled road to anarchy



eat yer grits, house law
down direct from ma ‘n pa
wee pebble was the flaw
broke tooth, changed tune
pretty smile gone t’ ruin


5-7-5 x 3

spring brook with pebbles
the law of streams and salmon
sea calls come to me
textbook overview:
pebbles are to the mountain
as laws to justice
full force of the law
protests gaveled to silence
pound pebbles to sand



Impromptu: no idea

~Piffin: “Under There”

I have no idea why you love me
I have no idea why I care
I have no idea what you’re hiding
Under there
I have no idea why you lock me out
Of the house in my underwear
I have no idea
Why your kisses feel
Like I’m walking on thin air
I have no idea
Why I love your electric chair
I have no idea why I care


~Greymane: “No Idea”

No Idea Too Big or Too Dumb!
Painted on Jed’s pickup door
His family thought him a bit of a bum
but he knew he could be so much more

He’d always been thinky and smarter than most
but hillbillies ain’t hard to beat
He’d come up with answers, well maybe, almost
just a little bit under complete

He set up a booth in the center of town
where he offered his smarts fer a fee
and he did pretty good for a hillbilly clown
with a truck and a backwoods degree


~Matttt: “No Idea”

Inspiration Stalled
Unable to form a thought
His brain had no mind


Slowly blowing smoke
He realized they had asked
But he had no clue


When Mom catches you
You know you’re gonna get it
Tell her, “I don’t know”


Exam day today
She passed around the test
Fucking sadist bitch


Smoke or drink today
It really does not matter
Equally numbing


~BarTalk: 5-7-5 x 2

so what comes after
no idea was the answer
wasn’t that the point
man without country
no ID a felony
rebel with a clue

~ . ~

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