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Quoted In The Grove:
Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.
~Werner Herzog

Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos.
~Will Durant

Nothing heightens chaos more than a berserk wild animal right in the middle.
~Adam McKay

There is only so much chaos a nation can stand.
~Richard Cohen

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~David Attenborough & BBC:  Songs & Sounds of the Lyre Bird   (2:54)







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Prewritten Exercise for Thurs 04/11:  wire, soldier

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@Writers Platform

~Greenie @I Like The Rain
Morning Meet

Tiny wings flutter
soft winds brush my cheek
twinkling sounds ring
from the twittering beak

Brave little mister
dew drops on demand
ruby throat flashes
as he nears my hand

Fingertip offered
a half moon of sweet
golden sunbeams bright
morning meet complete

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Prewritten:  treat, convoy 

Convoy To Karma

Yukon voyaging on
Comic Con voiced for fun
Ex-con, voyeur/Dom
U Conn voids her date for prom
Ghengis Khan voids his at dawn
All treat fate as seeds they’ve sown


March Past

Battalion sized hunger on exhausted feet
Colonel scores big bagging juicy treats
Leads his troops not getting their lunches
Stealing a convoy of contraband munchies
Tables for twenty ate more than plenty
Toking their Thanx at precisely 4:20



token felonies of a boy
stories follow lies in a convoy
blighted and belittled by evidence
the only treatment their consequence
spanked by history when excuses end


5-7-5 x 5

envoy led convoy
treats ideas like targets
treats them like traitors
ambulance convoy
treat the wounded in transit
leave the dead behind
butch riders on bikes
Hell’s Angels outlaw convoy
testosterone treat
Santa’s reindeer fly
a convoy conveying gifts
goodwill, peace on Earth
bicycle convoy
perfect day treating themselves
to the hills and back


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