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Quoted in the Grove:

The universe is like a safe to which there is a combination. But the combination is locked up in the safe.
~Peter De Vries

Life can only be understood backwards.

Any philosophy that can be put in a nutshell belongs there.
~Sydney J Harris



Platform Favorites: Unlucky In Love ~ Songs For The Moon Blind

~Ray Price: For The Good Times   (3:50)

~Willie Nelson: Born To Lose   (3:18)

~Simon & Garfunkel: I Am a Rock   (4:22)






Prewritten for Thurs 02/08 (6:00pm PT/9 ET): Challenge: iambic pentameter; Theme: devotion



@Writers Platform:

Prewritten: tuna, funeral

~Piffin: “No Idea

I like autumn nights most
And I like cinnamon toast
I like tuna roles
And family funerals
That turn into a comedy toast
But I have no idea what I need


~Greymane: ><> You Canned Tuna Fish … <><

Funeral mourning painted in gray
They say that it happens in threes
Another lost sailor has been castaway
by the winds and the scent of the seas
He followed his soul over water and waves
where seldom a sailor had gone
The hurricane promised them watery graves
that would come for them long before dawn
The crew and the captain had fisherman’s pride
and though they all prayed for the shore,
the tuna were boiling the moon painted tide
so they tossed the net over once more
The net swept him overboard dark and alone
The torrent had hidden his fate
No matter his struggle he sank like a stone
and ended up tuna fish bait


~BarTalk: Omerta

Jack Knife and Shark Bite
Enforcers of the silence
Off’d a snitch done right
Attended Rat’s funeral
Deep6 feast the tuna will


tune a piano
but no, you can’t tune a fish
Signed: Funeral Guest

tune a piano
and yes, you can tuna fish
sighed funeral’s ghost



Impromptu: curtains

~Piffin: [Feb 2]

It’s curtains for me
I don’t like the idea but
Do we have a choice?


~Greymane: Can’t Go Home

He hunched inside his overcoat and brushed the shoulder snow
The curtains drawing back as he arrived
His journey brought him back from where a man should never go
and he still was not quite sure he had survived
She opened with the chain and just an eye returned his view
The message he received was very clear
He didn’t say a word he just turned and he withdrew,
pulled the collar up around his empty ears


~Matttt: 15 minutes on “Curtains”

There was absolutely no way they could have seen me. I mean, seriously… I was completely tucked away and not even the tips of my shoes were sticking out. And they couldn’t have heard my breathing, because I was purposefully taking long and slow breaths. But I just had to trust that they couldn’t hear my heart pounding in my ears, and my shoulders and knees rattling from fear.

So, I had absolutely no clue why the curtains snapped to the side and left me staring at the blaring beam coming from a flashlight.

That was the last thing I saw before there was this odd dreamlike sensation for a moment, followed by a strange smell of blood in my nose, the taste of the carpet, and a strange ringing in my ears.

I didn’t think I was going to stand again.

The reason I get into situations like this, is that I just don’t care. I’ve been beaten and broken so many times that the whole process feels numb to me anyway. So, I can take my assignments in stride and know that it could all end up like a really shitty day for me…

And months of recovery.



~BarTalk: 5-7-5

before and after
comedy or tragedy
the play’s great divide


~  .  ~

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