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Quoted in the Grove:
Solitude is such a potential thing. We hear voices in solitude, we never hear in the hurry and turmoil of life; we receive counsels and comforts, we get under no other condition . . .
~Amelia E Barr

I am truly a ‘lone traveler’ and have never belonged to my country, my home, my friends, or even my immediate family, with my whole heart. In the face of all this, I have never lost a sense of distance and the need for solitude.
~Albert Einstein

I shall give you hunger, and pain, and sleepless nights. Also beauty, and satisfactions known to few, and glimpses of the heavenly life. None of these you shall have continually, and of their coming and going you shall not be foretold.
~Howard Lindsay


Posted in the Grove:
There will be a summer hiatus for the Post & Review this year. The question remaining is when that break is to begin. The editor has gone against practice this week by including his own work in the newsletter. This won’t continue. In order to flesh out this publication until summer break however, this editor will return to including riffs for each of the pieces submitted for those who are willing. Unlike past practice, editor riffs will appear after the writer’s work.


Prewritten for Thurs Word Games (04/07) is: duel, manifest


@Writers Platform:

Prewritten: beckon, pond

MissMerry: Pond Beckons

Tired, feeling beat down…
Never ending responsibilities
Take care of those around you
Give away your love freely
Smile while you change their clothes
and feed them, remember who they were
once upon a time long ago…
He took you fishing when you were 4.
Think of the little red and white bobber
A fish who may be hungry
A quiet time that feeds my soul
… He is still here, and always will be.
The Pond Beckons


BarTalk: The Pond

Carp, the bottom-feeder
Koi, the king of ponds
Crap in the muck theater
Gold coin floats beyond
And the pond beckons


Impromptu: garden, quixotic

~whitefeather: “Incongruent Truths”

Although he knew their relationship hung in the balance,
he felt a quixotic need to argue with her…

He found no peace amidst her garden of stone…

The Sound of Silence:
~Simon and Garfunkel’s classic by, Disturbed.
Raw, powerful


~BarTalk: Chivalry

Guard on! quoth Sir Lance
A lot hangs in de balance
Of his old quest quixotic
An offer boldly erotic
To plow her garden exotic

~ . ~

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