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Quoted in the Grove:
For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.
~Vincent Van Gogh

Ride your dreams. They will take you far away and bring you to yourself.
~F Scott Fitzgerald

Ah, great it is to believe the dream as we stand in youth by the starry stream; but a greater thing is to fight life through and say at the end, the dream is true!
~Edwin Markham


Posted from the Grove:
Theme for the Wordgrove Prize: 2015
There are people alive who swear it, people who know they’ve met a ghost. Some believe in angels. A witch is met, a pet speaks. A three day fast on a vision quest and a warrior’s spirit animal is revealed.  Or, it could be an other you, a different you found in an heirloom mirror. Or something emerges live from pages you’re reading

How do you separate out the monster when you romance the Beast? Will aliens finally introduce themselves? Does Mother Gaia find her voice? It’s as easy as falling down a rabbit hole into startling new worlds of encounter, but how does it feel?

This year’s theme, again, is a stretching exercise. It will need your imagination with the door left open. There are untold worlds waiting to be born, waiting for their Maker, for someone with the writer’s touch, the poet’s magic … there are worlds waiting for your words to create them

This year’s contest is about connecting with something else. It’s about encountering something from another source, of another breadth and aspect.  The theme for the 2015 Wordgrove Prize: The Being from another Dimension


Welcome to Wordgrove’s eighth writing contest, and the Wordgrove Prize: 2015. For contest rules and guidelines, click below. You are welcome to forward this notice to anyone in There who has an interest in writing. This contest is open to all Authors in There.com



Heads up for writers who read aloud. Dharma_Darla has offered to expand opportunities for word games in Wordgrove by hosting, Word Jam, once a month. First event is Sat, Jan 24 @ 6pm PT/9pm ET. Mark your calendar now. Be prepared to go vocal and read a favorite of your work … or just listen

Prewritten for Thurs (01/08) @6pm PT/9 ET is: Lanterns image http://ishtari.arcticworlds3d.com/therestuff/lanterns.jpg


@Writers Platform

Glass Table:

~Greymane: Forbidden Fruit  (qip)

There once was a man and a woman who had to leave Eden behind
Was innocence really perfection or was sin the planned fate of mankind?

~Piffin: “Wayfarers of Incident” (qif)

We are each a world dreaming of local events
Of grandiose legends shared over a fence
The rulers of kingdoms, submissive and frail
Explorers of mountaintops, sliding on shale
We are each of us time travelers, bogged in the now
Wayfarers of incident, fog at our bow
We navigate waves, far less tranquil than break,
For truth only visits us drenched in mistake
We are each one a universe, small as our fear
An infinite countenance trapped in a beer
Narcissus reflected a moment, perchance
While screwing up courage to ask for this dance


Prewritten: Paranormal Encounters in There.com

 ~Dharma_Darla: untitled (qip)

I’m baffled, slightly nervous.
Feel a cold spot right in front of me as I realize
this virtual world isn’t impervious
to the paranormal activity that happens in real life

~Greymane:  Theranormal (qip)

A pixeled apparition of a paranormal place

sometimes those who cross our paths become the ghosts of There

~Piffin: haiku


Impromptu: pleasure, drowned

~Piffin: Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (qif)

In my scarlet letterman’s sweater
An A+ over my heart
I broke every rule, every fetter
I think therefore …
Oh, fuck Descartes
These words in my head are no measure
No proof of existence profound
The sting of your hand brings me pleasure
Your breath in my mouth sings me drowned
You snag my cross on a nipple clamp
Then lick my lips like a postage stamp
And Send me to the moon
You send me to the moon
A butane flame to a Pyrex pipe
A cry for help from the silent type
You send me to the moon
Until I crawl
You send me
I think
Therefore I fall

~Greymane:  Pocket of Mercy (qif)

A pocket of mercy for tales untold
of pleasures and pain and of passions grown cold
The cry of a baby, the birth of a star
The last glowing ash of my final cigar

As Time follows closely he whispers my name
and offers forgiveness in trade for my shame
I called for a moment to gather my sin
and found I was victim to who I had been

A list of regrets and of bridges I’ve burned
The people I’ve loved and the lessons I’ve learned
The wisdom of sorrows I’ve traded for years
The love I have drowned in an ocean of tears

A future I borrowed from places unknown
My promises dusty and dying alone
Too many moments and unanswered prayers
The gates of St. Peter are closed for repairs

~Dharma_Darla: What have we here?
(ei) Pomp and blather brought up on the docket, is found wanting in sense and relevance

~GaryBob: untitled  (qip)

Speed reading pleasures
Kama Sutra guide
Apathetic measures
Bodies collide

Nothing left to give

Nothing left to live


~ . ~

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