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Quoted in the Grove:

Money often costs too much. 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold; and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price. 
~Kahlil Gibran

It was a Sunday afternoon, wet and cheerless; and a duller spectacle this earth of ours has not to show than a rainy Sunday in London.
~Thomas de Quincey


Posted from the Grove:
Thx is back with a portal paz on the southeast rise above WG. Pass thru from either side to the other and find yourself back in WG. An exercise in time/space displacement with no discernable loss or benefit, no effect, no change of perspective. It serves merely as example, an existential koan. Welcome back Thx

Something different this week. Two visuals suggested by Piffin range from portrait as parfait to a boric acid bath for the eyes. The first is a trailer for the animated movie, Fantastic Planet. There’s nothing to be said that will prepare you for it. Just enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgCxCZNkQ9E


Prewritten for Thurs (02.02) 6 pm PT/9 ET is: OOcolibres, by: Elena Dudina. A portrait, respond


@Writers Platform
Glass Table: no new drops

Prewritten: wanton, talent, royal, dignity

~Stejovis: haiku
8 variations on a theme; quoted example:

a wanton royal
may possess many talents
without dignity


~Piffin: “Chi-town Courtesan”  diamond life & suicide

~BarTalk: Statue, ‘s dat U?


Impromptu: No impromptu this week


Tally Board by Writers Platform:

~Stejovis: For My Valentine 
With each line an aspect, the facets of love meet together in her presence

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~ . ~

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