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Quoted in the Grove:
We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.
~Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.
~Kurt Vonnegut

To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend.
~Jacques Derrida


Posted from the Grove:
Writers in Residence, WG’s clubhouse will remain its cheery self, but surrounding pazs will offer other styles of entertainment. From dark and foreboding to the hidden forbidden, from loopy fantasies to offerings of culture, the siren sings … come, it’s worth a visit

A few pazs are out already, but many are welcome. Anyone with a paz to share, drop them around the clubhouse and mesa center. Click below for link to Writers in Residence, or type in, Hermit 005 (in Maidenflight), in Search, under Places

Nikisunn has already dropped her Halloween invitation to visit her neighborhood. Look for the bright red box near the clubhouse stairs, with link to her newsletter for Duda Beach. Drop your links and invitations early. This will give more visitors a chance to see your place. Halloween will be happening at The Cannery, so do the tour early … really

Halloween for Wordgrove begins around 6 PT/9 ET at the clubhouse, and moves to The Cannery for ReenRen’s party. WG’s pier is a nearby must-see. Remember to turn off Nametags before joining the party on Thurs night. GoTo:
There > Customize > World > Nametags > Show none  =>  have fun


Prewritten for Thurs (10.24) 6 pm PT/9 ET is: Nick Brandt’s Petrified Flamingo – Tanzania
This week’s prompt, an image submitted by ReenRen


@Writers Platform
Glass Table:

~ReenRen:  Scroll
Ree’s link to this week’s Halloween prompt; beautiful, disturbing, haunting image

Greenie: Farmy Tale Storm
Clouds all a’jumble with storm, branch leaves whippin’ Day’s End into homestretch

Lace Rainbow (prev review, 08.12.13)
Evening A’Glow (p.r.)
Visions Within a Hearth (p.r.)


Prewritten: wrangler, radio

~Greymane: untitled
The dark wee hours of night, the lonely, the moonstruck and the night nuts, they’ve caught the ear of a voice that listens; an airwave jockey, with a face cratered by too much life and meant for radio, hears it all … then he speaks

~Stejovis: Radio Wrangler
The radio ranger roams the dial scouting for music to keep the night at bay; the leaves are rustlers dodging the wrangler, driven by wind they escape in the dark

~BarTalk: casanova


Impromptu: What’s in the cauldron?

~Piffin: untitled
Wherein a tasty dish becomes the poison; a life sacrificed in the cause of irony

~Greymane: A dark Farewell
The mood is dark and desperate in the spirit world; old spells, ancient rites, hoary hags, moonless nights: all required, gather at the fire and shuffle-dance; mesmerized in mind-meld, spellbound at the cauldron, a drone of chants rules out the chance; no hope for the hapless soul they usher into hell

~Jessalee: In the Cauldron
Domestic issues in the world of witches and warlocks play out in brighter colors, more whimsy and sharper menace; the magic of a wizard is no protection against the mage of young temptation, and stands no chance at all against the wisdom of a wife and their centuries old marriage bed

~Stejovis: untitled
It wasn’t the ingredients brought to the pot, there was nothing sinister in the rituals, banish even the sonorous incantations, and still … a vision of faces simmering on the surface; amateur victims of arcane knowledge, it was their greed and lust for magic that charmed them loose and pulled them in

~BarTalk: nope

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Quoted in the Grove:
Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
~Oscar Wilde

Sometimes people carry to such perfection the mask they have assumed that in due course they actually become the person they seem.
~W Somerset Maugham

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. There world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet.
~Franz Kafka


Posted from the Grove:
This week’s Post is mostly about the party. Expect to have fun. Things we know so far:

1)  Thurs, 10.31 (Halloween). Begins 6ish PT/9ish ET, until whenever

2) Start @Wordgrove’s clubhouse (Writers in Residence: Hermit 005). The round flat center of Hermit’s mesa is a natural for Halloween displays. Anything fun or visually interesting is welcome of course, and needn’t be restricted to Halloween themes. A few are already lined up. This is a chance to bring out one of those pazs you never use and let others have fun with it. All are welcome with a paz to show. Please invite friends and any clubs you belong to who might be interested. Copy/paste this for easy instructions

Anyone with a house, or a paz-in-place that shouldn’t be moved is encouraged to drop a Scroll with a link or directions to their place. This editor would love to see what else is out there, and will be making rounds. Please drop your linked Scrolls outside Writers in Residence near the clubhouse stairs

ReenRen’s Cannery Club house (The Cannery) will be open all night for drinks and chat. Nutter houses on Wordgrove’s pier will be decorated and open for viewing

3) In order to keep suspense and intrigue at maximum levels, and to make the role of costumes twice again as fun, everyone is being asked to turn off their Nametags for this Halloween night. Important: Do NOT type into chat bubbles if you wish to cloak your identity and feed the mystery. Your name appears there. DO restrict your chatting to IMs, where your name and avie are at a remove

To turn off/on your Nametag function, go to:
There > Customize > World > Nametags > Show none

It takes just a second and it’ll be waaay more fun!


Prewritten for Thurs (10.24) 6 pm PT/9 ET is: radio, wrangler


@Writers Platform
Glass Table: no new drops

Platform Stairwell:

~Greenie: Haiku Moon
The round moon bowl, starlight’s reflecting pool, fills and shimmers with dreams


Prewritten: libertine, crucible

~GreyMane: untitled  (quoted in full)

She was a lifelong libertine, gathering regret
She kept them in her crucible but hasn’t burned them yet.

She always gets reflective in the middle of the night,
but can’t reach her objective when there’s not a match in sight.

~Piffin: haiku
Casual libertine’s comfort zone in the hot stew of life

~BarTalk: the apprentice



Impromptu: medicine, lizard

~Piffin: Medicine Hat
A blizzard of images and poses, trying on styles of life that fit the poet that please the muse

~GreyMane: untitled
Rummage the mage’s cabinet for the recipes that gag, mix the rank and foul, then sweeten with eye of newt; hold your nose as down it goes, it reeks of socks and week-old sex as tender as leather boots

~Stejovis: Something Out of Place
A gluttony for fruit of the senses, the fresh-squeezed juice and honey of it; of worker bees and the ecstasies of indulgence *urp* s’cuse me … leads to indigestion

Also: haiku (qif)
Leaping leaf hoppers
cavort by a sickly skink
lizard medicine

~Jessalee: untitled
Delirium tremens in extremity, when the poison becomes the medicine; DTs med delivered IV, and there’s vodka in the tube

~BarTalk: haiku


Writers in Residence: Soon, a tour

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Quoted in the Grove:
I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died.
~Richard Diran

I bought a cactus. A week later it died. And I got depressed, because I thought, Damn. I am less nurturing than a desert.
~Demetri Martin

My doctor gave me two weeks to live. I hope they’re in August.
~Ronnie Shakes


Posted from the Grove:
It was thought that something might be done to counter the morbidity of this week’s prewritten assignment with some levity. A call went out. This week’s quotes applied and were hired on the spot


The question is whether to go small for Halloween, WG Nutters only, or go big and invite everyone to our Halloween bash (…it was a graveyard smash). And, we go visit theirs. Thoughts?

WG’s part of the party will have two places to go for Halloween fun. Sweat-free chat or shivers and chills will be happening all night at ReenRen’s Cannery Club center. Some houses on WG pier will have open house. The large circle area behind WG’s clubhouse is open to anyone with a Halloween or fun paz they’d like to show. Pazs the size of Pendora’s haunted graveyard or noxy’s mound of terror, and smaller, could be made into a hodgepodge carnival faire, with alleys for creeping within a pastiche of spook. Colorful pazs interspersed among the eerie and dreary would be good for contrast

These are suggestions only, easily amended or dropped as impractical. But if creating something for the simple pleasures to be found in creating, or if building a 3D experience for other peeps to enjoy rings your bell, then Halloween is too good an opportunity to miss

Sorry, alcohol on premises is for display purposes only. This party is Bring Your Own Spirits


Stejovis had inquired in the past about a Letters to the Editor section for the Post & Review. Yes. The answer is, Yes.  Absent venom and vitriol, any comment, suggestion, question or complaint will be printed. This newsletter is part of Wordgrove’s dialog. Do not hesitate to correct the editor when he is in error. Due to length limits of club mail, the P&R does ask that letters be no longer than three paragraphs

It is also possible to comment directly to the online edition of the Post & Review. There is no apparent length limit. Go to:
Click top right: Comments, bottom: Comments RSS


Prewritten for Thurs (10/17) 6pm PT/9 ET is: crucible, libertine


@Writers Platform
Glass Table: no new drops

On the Marble:

Early Announcement for 10/17  (prewritten)
Pre-Written Photo Inspiration, ~Nick Brandt’s, Petrified Flamingo – Tanzania

To All Who Left Early – For those who missed Thurs’ writing exercise and want a head start on next week’s prewritten prompts, Ree provides them here

My obituary is something I leave to chance
Not comfortable with penning her obituary before the occasion demands, a quote is left instead:

What if when we die, the light at the end of the tunnel is just us being pushed out of another vagina?

Lazy Ocean
A pile of clothes on the sand, a soothing of skin by the sea, a merging of self and the ocean, a blessing from the sky … she dreams


Prewritten: write your obituary, epithet or last words

~ReenRen: Eulogy – The Man called Beast
A man of evil and the tree of knowledge, one informs the other and is informed; mining gold in the muck

~BarTalk: there was a time once


Impromptu: write on two: imp, rain, pills, epitaph

~whitefeather: 10/03 Write a fortune cookie
You will be hungry again in an hour!
Learn Chinese: I’m hungry = wo e le
Lucky numbers: 867 5309

~ReenRen: a one or two line fortune cookie…
He loves you as much as he can,
but he cannot love you very much.

~Piffin: Mermaid Prayer
Glistening images and word play; the ocean’s wet world of surge and ebb, and the dry world’s bed of love have equal power to move, whelmed by waves and rapture

~BarTalk: biography


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