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Quoted in the Grove:

One of the dumbest things you were ever taught was to write what you know. Because what you know is usually dull. Remember when you first wanted to be a writer? Eight or 10 years old, reading about thin-lipped heroes flying over mysterious viny jungles toward untold wonders? That’s what you wanted to write about, about what you didn’t know.
~Ken Kesey

Life can’t defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writer’s lover until death.
~Edna Ferber

Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite, “Fool,” said my Muse to me, “Look in thy heart, and write.”
~Sir Philip Sidney


Prewritten for Monday, September 2nd: silhouette; commingle.

This is will be the last Word Grove Newsletter of the Summer season. The newsletter is scheduled to resume its regular, weekly publication on Sunday, October 6th, once more in the caring hands of BarTalk. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to make a calamity of it. The comments and views in this issue of the newsletter are solely mine and not to be taken anywhere with nice silverware. ~ Piffin


On the Glass Table:

~Rounder: “Hell’s Highway” (Poetry)
Reflections on despair.

“The Battlefield” (Poetry)
Reflections on winning.

“I Reach Out My Hand” (Poetry)
The undeniably eternal nature of certain things.

“Legends of the Whale” (Prose, previously reviewed)
“Show Me” (Poetry, previously reviewed)


Prewritten (August 26): write about clothespins.

~BarTalk: Chapter 13 (Prose)
The latest chapter in the saga of Absinthe and Badge, in which Absinthe has a surprise request.

~Hensonian: “Clothespin Sky” (Poetry)
The pure joy of the now.

~ReenRen: “Clothespins” (Poetry)
Simpler times, simpler comforts.

~Stejovis: (Haiku)
Namesake practicality.

~Piffin: “Alligator Kisses” (Poetry)
Clothespins. Sex. (You know you saw it coming.)


Impromptu (August 26): include “weekend” and “heavy”.

~BarTalk: “A Cautionary Tail” (Poetry)
Pulp poetry palooza!

~DWade_3: (Haiku)
Haiku of pain

~Hensonian: “Heavy Weekend” (Poetry)
An exploration of the intricacies of the creative writing process.

~ReenRen: “Heavy Weekend” (Poetry)
Needing relief. Fast.

~Stejovis: “Heavy weekend”
A lyrical celebration of a numerical milestone.

~Piffin: “Eyeliner X” (Poetry)
Date night.


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