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Quoted in the Grove:

We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives. ~Toni Morrison

The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar, is the test of their power. ~Toni Morrison

For me, Art is the restoration of order. It may discuss all sorts of terrible things, but there must be satisfaction at the end. A little bit of hunger, but also satisfaction. ~Toni Morrison


Posted to the Grove: Prewritten for Thurs – 10/11/12  (5 pm PT, 8 ET) is:       fish, custard (suggested by: GaryBob)

Apologies to GB for the truncated review of his Stargazing last week. There is a limit to the length of club mail, and the staff now knows the length allowed under current rules. This is the reason periods aren’t used at the end of paragraphs in this newsletter. They’re not necessary and they take up space. The characters saved can make the difference of a complete edition being delivered by club mail or not, and consistency of practice matters. Question marks and exclamation points will be used as before

In the future, a dated Book on the purple book stand will contain the current week’s full edition. If a quote or music link is wanted from a previous edition, or it is easier clicking to read it online, a WordPress account has been established for WordgrovePost.  A link will be provided each time the Post & Review runs long:


Wordgrove’s Halloween Fright Night arrives early @WG’s clubhouse, Writers in Residence. For a white-knuckle, knee-rattlin’ scare, visit WG’s clubhouse @Hermit 005, or click here while inworld: http://webapps.prod.there.com/goto/goto?obj=10709645&portazone=1

Bring a friend. Bring a change of underwear

WG’s clubhouse is available for members to use for events, decorating privileges are included. Anyone wishing to experiment with their inventory is welcome to do so here. Unless bowing to popular demand, a single setting is limited to one month. New displays by the same Nutter are allowed. Jessa has first dibs

This week’s music video is a gift from Valhala. Eight hands work the frets while two drum rhythm on the body; more music is drawn from a single guitar than was thought possible. While the choreography is a marvel to behold, the words are of loss and nostalgia … mostly loss. Miss you too, Kitten

Walk off the Earth: Somebody That I Used To Know



@Writers Platform: Glass Library Table:

~Greenie: Echoes of Smiles –  Smiles are a language we read that echo

Snow Globe a’shakin’-A winter storm outside, a warm fire, a dog and all the snuggly bits of home are inside; memories are her partner now, she celebrates the dawn on her own, but not alone

Vision within a Heart –  The terrific unleashing of passions, the tender mistakes of first love, these first-ever chemicals burn the brain with such intensity that a half life later these etchings in memory still harbor a hope


Prewritten: dimple, bazaar

~Piffin: Three cigarettes – Snapshot of a late night diner, the intimacy of two coffees and three cigarettes, and after when fingers and tongue put their seal to the night

BarTalk: Tunisian Bazaar

Impromptu: playground, proximity  (suggested by: Piffin)

~Piffin: .Kathleen. In the excitement before and the period after, thru the nightmares and thorns between, there was Kathleen; because unaccountably, for some few people, for some unknown reason, love is forever

~Jessalee:  Friends since grade school revisit their school playground, are in turn revisited by memories; how the swings of childhood gave way to the pendulum of life

~BarTalk: learning to fall


Writers in Residence:

~Whitefeather @Firelight, and the Moonlight: In the Moonlight  – Firmly in the camp of romance, Beth revels in it, surrenders fully to it; makes moonlight the stage for her love and secrets, makes night the time for her waited one

~Greymane @Greyed Expectations 2:  Greymane has Scrolls 1-6. Length varies but the first one is short. And because sometimes there’s just no better or shorter of way of phrasing a thought than to quote the original: ~1~  Skies of leather, Seas of lace. / A fallen angel hides her face. / Tattered wings and frozen tears / in clouded dreams of whispered fears.

~Piffin @Cinderella Sneakers: Egyptian (an excerpt) If the chemistry is right, how brilliantly fast the fuse burns; from longing to lust to tumbled love on sheets of the nearest bed

~Jessalee @Creative Intentions: The hunt for Book Places  – Jessalee is writing a book, a pre-history of people and places in There in a period corresponding to medieval times. There are four places in her epic that she needs to find in There to make the modeling true

  • 1)  A cave with an entrance dark, low and wide
  • 2)  A swamp, bog or wetland
  • 3)  A high natural cliff on a mountain with a pointy top
  • 4)  Beach shack or tattered driftwood shelter

This editor suggested she ask thoreau, but anyone knowing a place to match her need, please contact Jessa and help with her search


Next week the Post & Review visits perimeter PAZes by Whitefeather, VirtualJester and AidenScott. Um, noxy?

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