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Quoted in the Grove:
No, no, you’re not thinking, you’re just being logical.
~Niels Bohr

This isn’t right. This isn’t even wrong.
~Wolfgang Pauli

Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.
~Robert Heinlein


Posted from the Grove:
Since last week’s quotes by Piffin were meant for the Thanksgiving issue, and this week’s quotes smack of ill-tempered grump, please reverse their order … good. Well done. Thank you

Two new people follow the online edition of the Post & Review after Piffin’s work as editor last week. They will be disappointed perhaps that they are getting someone else three weeks out of the month, but Piffin will be back


This week’s Thurs Word Game will go on as scheduled. Starting time will be as usual on this Thanksgiving Day, with broad tolerance for member’s arrival time. This will be a gathering celebrating friendship and there may or may not be Impromptu. This week’s Prewritten assignment (see below) will still be due


Recent visitors to Wordgrove may have noticed two glass tables lined with books below the Platform. These books together comprise the novella, Noble Gabe Alone: Absinthe and Badge. It was understood at the time of the drop that there was more to be done in the way of polishing it up. *clears throat* ahem … The author must now admit that there was in fact a lot left to be done

The story hasn’t changed, but it has been trimmed and sanded off a bit. A light polish has been added in places. For those who picked up splinters and were brutalized by the early edit, the author apologizes. Anyone interested who hasn’t yet viewed it, the new edit of Absinthe and Badge will remain out until the end of the month

A brief intro: Absinthe and Badge begins in There, then moves to the real world in this second of a four part, Noble Gabe Alone, series. It is primarily an adventure story. Check the nearby scroll for a helpful reading hint

Every effort has been made to craft a story worth your reading time. I hope you enjoy it


Prewritten for Thurs (11/21) at 6 pm PT/9 ET is: angelic, larval


@Writers Platform
The Glass Library Table:

~Greymane: Lost Poetry
Rummaging thru old personal effects (buried attic cardboard box, an unused drawer?), the discovery of lost work; decades old memories etched in ink resurrect the past; among them, two poems

Fade Away
Thirty years later, the soul draining sorrow that foretold an early end still torments, still has the power to tease with visions of an early death

Cold Hard Steel
A hollow needle that carries poison also doubles as a hiding place; Favorite line: Love’s a rusty needle making holes and leaving stains.


Prewritten: pajamas, shootout

~Greymane: Passion Play
The cast, a few; the stage, somewhere in space; the action, a slo-mo dance with razor-death; movie music leads the plot

~BarTalk: The Usual


Impromptu: watchword, confetti

~Piffin: Chrome
The Case of Maverick and the Gypsy, the mystery of dangerous kissing while the heart’s own love waits at home; a walk on the dire side, a matter of time before the fall

~Greymane: untitled
Spun dizzy by endless parties and vapid games, the pampered hell of privilege and the high-life; dispensing favors for a way out the back door, going to ground with a definite purpose: find the road that leads to escape

~BarTalk: The Fox & Hound: Ghost Encounter

~ . ~

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Quoted in the Grove:
When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength.  Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living.  If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.  It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.  We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.
~Albert Schweitzer

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.
~Woody Allen


Prewritten for Thursday, November 21: pajama; shootout.

Zombies! ~ If you have a zombie story that you have written, are writing, or would like to write, Big Pulp is now accepting submissions for a zombie-themed print anthology, to be released in Summer 2014.  The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2014.  Further details can be found at Big Pulp:


On the Glass Table:
Legends of the Whale (Prose, previously reviewed)
“Show Me” (Poetry, previously reviewed)


Prewritten (November 14): harlequin; temptation.
BarTalk: “Buffooned” (Poetry)
Arlecchino pants as the way to a girl’s heart.

Greymane: Untitled (Poetry)
Charon, garbed in love.

Piffin: “Day People” (Poetry)
Living the dream, one breakdown at a time.


Impromptu (November 14): wand; mint.
BarTalk: “Broke” (Tally Poem)
Love as currency; shortchanged.

Greymane: Untitled (Poetry)
Pa Kettle hits the big city.  Surprises, bigger than he had hoped for.  Humble pie all around.

(Bonus Quote: You should not drink and bake. – Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Wynaut: Nepeta (Prose)
Unbridled chance, unwanted heartache, and a dear friend, waiting just up ahead.

Greenie: “Musing” (Poetry)
Tapping out time, waiting on a hint, a push, a treasure from the muse.

Jessalee: “Nature Faerie” (Poetry)
Drops of rain, nurturing sun, garden mother on purposeful wings.

Piffin: “Nicoteen” (Poetry)
There’s no place like home.  Maybe.



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Quoted in the Grove:

Let’s eat grandma!
Let’s eat, grandma!
~from T-shirt

Eats, Shoots & Leaves
eats shoots & leaves
~book title/a panda’s diet

Woman, without her man, is nothing
Woman, without her, man is nothing
~men/women punctuate a sentence with commas


Posted from the Grove:

The Problem of Commas
This editor has given up the fight to fit every clause within commas. Playing loose with established rules in any craft will inevitably lead to moments of angst and indigestion, especially in circles of settled taste

Keeping in mind the pitfalls illustrated above, this editor now inclines toward a different use of commas. Rather than ride the standard rail of rules, it’s been helpful to use them more carefully, even sparingly, and then only to smooth the flow of a reader’s passage. Rather than ride first class, this hobo writer lives off the commas and periods he eats. The reader’s tolerance in this matter is much appreciated


Prewritten for Thurs (11.14) 6 pm PT/9 ET is: harlequin, temptation


@Writers Platform
Glass Table: no new drops

Prewritten: monkey, pillow

~Greymane: Damn Monkey
The larcenous monkey versus the aggrieved tiger, sly brains against cunning strength; their battle royal played out with red hot words (not swords) until mutual benefit and the cool spray of reason wets their heat; Larceny & Wild Take on Vegas

~ReenRen: Haunted Cannery Row
For those who missed Halloween in There and @The Cannery, Ree’s record in pics of the evening

~Piffin: Samantha
A beating heart ready for its future: stillborn; the birth of joy and trial entwined: miscarried; the parent promise: broken, cruelly; a hungry void (an angry one) is all that’s left; its only occupant is grief

~BarTalk: law of the jungle


Impromptu: dowry, deduce or  garbage truck

~Piffin: A Song for Brick and Violin
The empty, used up, broken throw-offs of life wait their fate at the curb; a roaring screeching beast comes to clear away the evidence of their deaths

~Stejovis: Garbage Truck
An approaching rumble, the roaring engine and jake brake scream of an urban harvester that kills dreams and sleep, produces a bumper crop of predawn ire and curses

DWade_3: haiku
Pedigree papers in place, dowry paid in full, but … it’s her unopened treasure that baits the king


New PAZs in Wordgrove:

~whitefeather: @Surrounded by Nature
Mid-pond, a scroll; Excalibur rising from the water, a lost love’s anthem posted as its title: I’d give up forever to touch you; link included

~noxy: @Retreat
Hillside haven of many rooms; one space with elegance and display for its theme; another area of kick back comfort for laid back chat, and a room for canoodling; outside a tool shed (kids use it for a clubhouse spring – fall), with a happy dancing daisy greeting visitors out in front

~Jessalee: @Hill of the Hobbitual Writer
Open floor plan, chalet atmosphere on a large scale; James Bond would have cruised this room leaving the bouquet of perfumed vodka and a whiff of sex in his wake

~ . ~

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Quoted in the Grove:
Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.
~George Gordon Byron

Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.
~Jules Renard

… and writing is, in the end, that oddest of anomalies: an intimate letter to a stranger.
~Pico Iyer


Posted from the Grove:
There were no writing exercises for Thur’s Halloween party. Topics and ideas filled the evening like one long unbroken inspiration instead. The evening fairly crackled with energy and potential

The party started in low gear @Writers in Residence, Wordgrove’s clubhouse, then picked up speed and kicked into overdrive at ReenRen’s Cannery party. (So many different costumes! Auctions! Who knew?) Greymane’s donation of a Halloween buggy (sweet, black and stealthy) for raffle generated the highest spike in blood pressure for the night


A surprising number of people reported being unable to escape the collector’s bottle at the entrance to this editor’s Boo Who Halloween house @Cannery Row 298.  It was designed to be a fun, visually entertaining visit. Anyone wishing to try again, the secret to escape: Look for an Action Circle and a place to Sit. Show pazs around the Writers in Residence clubhouse will remain up until late Sun evening


High on a bluff overlooking the smoke and fiery chaos of Tabu stands a fortress. This most secret of places belongs to Jessalee, denizen, historian and patron-protector of the scorched wilderness below. High drama. Such was the setting for Jessa’s preview party Fri night for her book, No Longer Spoken. Tho not a formal release, this was the chance for WG Nutters to sign on and enjoy her book. Included were readings on characters in her book who are based roughly on members of old Wordgrove. Some old avies are bound for a surprise. A tour of other sites used in her book was Jessa’s final gift for the night. Please contact Jessalee for your preview copy


A four word reminder: NaNoWriMo


Prewritten for Thurs (11.07) 6 pm PT/9 ET is: monkey, pillow


@Writers Platform
Glass Table:

Comic Symphony
Feeling disgruntled, bored and peevish, the king orders up entertainment; his cast of four (minstrel, jester, mime & juggler) all fail miserably, until … the priceless punch line still brings a royal smile

Black Hole
Black is a void and the color of night, a rainbow is promise and the color of light; mea culpas break out with the grey of dawn, the color of darkness when mixed with Hope, the human instinct whose color is white

~Jessalee: 10% off Auctions for WGers
Title says it all

~Piffin: Spooky Adventure
A link to the start of Piffin’s H. P. Lovecraft Tour (the quest for Cthulhu) can be found here, or check outside The Piffstop on Cannery Row. Recommended for those with a taste for the dark side and spectacular staging. Piffin’s show will be playing all week. She recommends the house veal

On a related note, the Post & Review is delighted to report that Piffin’s poems, The Woman You Need, and, sunday afternoon, have been accepted for publication in Sinister Wisdom, a literary journal. For those of us who know her in Wordgrove, Piffin writes here under the pen name, E. Manning-Pogé. For more information: http://sinisterwisdom.org/SW90


Prewritten: Prewritten: Nick Brandt’s Petrified Flamingo – Tanzania

~Greymane: Flamingo
With life and breath and flight gone, the calcified beauty left behind by death

~BarTalk: flamingo / Flaming O


Impromptu: None assigned
The whole of Thur’s Halloween party was spontaneous and impromptu. The zoo of costumes and inspired lunacy beggars description, but we should try

~ . ~

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